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Greece: Debts for Public, profits for banksters through law!

by system failure The latest omnibus bill passed by the Greek parliament earlier, contains some changes for the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) - currently the largest shareholder of the four "systemic" banks in Greece - through which the Greek Public will be loaded with more debt, as permits the selling of HFSF stocks to private banks in prices that leave the Greek Public with huge losses. Specifically, according to the article two of the current bill concerning changes on the law for the HFSF establishment, the HFSF stock price for selling to private sector is permitted to be lower than previous stock covers by the Fund, or than the current price in the stock market. Also, some stock prices for selling or covering, can be lower than the original price of these stocks when they were bought by the Fund, or than the current price in the stock market. It is also stated that, the members of the Fund's collective institutions have no power or re

Breaking: Motion of no confidence by SYRIZA against Stournaras!

During the discussion about the recent omnibus bill in Greek parliament, Greece's main opposition party has tabled a motion of no-confidence in Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras. SYRIZA's president Alexis Tsipras characterized Yannis Strournaras as "the main executor of the death contract against Greek society and Greek citizens". He also requested the interruption of the discussion for voting the bill. The motion of no confidence has been rejected by the parliament, although all the rest of the parties of the Opposition supported this movement. Now: Alexis Tsipras speaks to the people protesting against the bill outside the parliament. Many SYRIZA MPs are present! See also:

Τα χρέη στο Δημόσιο, τα κέρδη στους banksters και με τον νόμο!

του system failure Οι αλλαγές που περιλαμβάνει το νομοσχέδιο για το ταμείο χρηματοπιστωτικής σταθερότητας (ΤΧΣ) εξασφαλίζουν οριστικά την επιβάρυνση του Ελληνικού Δημοσίου με περισσότερο χρέος, αφού ανοίγουν το δρόμο για ξεπούλημα των μετοχών του ΤΧΣ με μεγάλες ζημιές για το Δημόσιο. Στο “Άρθρο δεύτερο” του πολυνομοσχεδίου, περί τροποποιήσεων του νόμου 3864/2010 “Περί ιδρύσεως ταμείου χρηματοπιστωτικής σταθερότητας”, μεταξύ άλλων: Στη σελ.193 που αφορά την αντικατάσταση του άρθρου 7 του νόμου 3864/2010 για την χορήγηση κεφαλαιακής ενίσχυσης – έκδοση μετοχών, στο τέλος της παραγράφου 5α, αναφέρεται ότι: “Δεν επιτρέπεται η διάθεση νέων μετοχών στον ιδιωτικό τομέα σε τιμή κατώτερη της τιμής κάλυψης αυτών από το Ταμείο στο πλαίσιο της ίδιας έκδοσης. Η τιμή διάθεσης στον ιδιωτικό τομέα δύναται να είναι χαμηλότερη της τιμής προηγούμενων καλύψεων μετοχών από το Ταμείο, ή της τρέχουσας χρηματιστηριακής τιμής. ” Στη σελ.196 που αφορά την αντικατάσταση του άρθρου 8 του νόμ

Το τελευταίο στάδιο του πειράματος

Η Ελλάδα είναι έτοιμη να μετατραπεί σε μια Χιλή του 1973 του system failure Όχι σε μια Αργεντινή, αλλά σε μια Χιλή και μάλιστα της εποχής Πινοσέτ, είναι έτοιμη να μετατραπεί η Ελλάδα με την ψήφιση του τελευταίου πολυνομοσχεδίου. Η ιστορία του νεοφιλελευθερισμού ξεκινά με μια δικτατορία, όταν ο δικτάτορας Πινοσέτ ανέτρεψε τον δημοκρατικά εκλεγμένο πρόεδρο στην Χιλή, Σαλβαντόρ Αλιέντε τον Σεπτέμβριο του 1973, με την υποστήριξη των Αμερικανών, οι οποίοι μετέτρεψαν κατόπιν τη Χιλή στο πρώτο πειραματόζωο του νεοφιλελευθερισμού, με τον Μίλτον Φρίντμαν και τα "παιδιά του Σικάγο" να γίνονται σύμβουλοι του δικτάτορα. Η Χιλή μετατράπηκε σε ένα πεδίο εκμετάλλευσής από Αμερικανικές εταιρίες και ισχυρά καρτέλ και η πλειοψηφία των ανθρώπων υπέφερε από τη φτώχεια και από μια 17-χρονη βάρβαρη δικτατορία. Έτσι, η νεοφιλελεύθερη δικτατορία θα γυρίσει τη χώρα δεκαετίες πίσω, καθώς το πολυνομοσχέδιο θα δώσει τη χαριστική βολή στον βασικό κορμό της Ελληνικής οικονομίας,

Greece ready to be transformed into a 1973 Chile

by system failure Another omnibus bill will be passed tomorrow by the Greek parliament as imposed by the Troika lenders to remove the last barriers against multinational cartels. Despite the intense objections by some government MPs and the Opposition, the government is expected to pass the bill by all means, even with a tenuous majority, as also some Golden Dawn MPs are now in prison and have no right to vote. Democracy and parliamentary processes in Greece are conducted through blackmail terms, as Troika blackmails government and government blackmails its own MPs to vote every neoliberal IMF-type policy that the Troika dictates. Troika also impose huge omnibus bills every time, just before the next lending package to Greece in order to force government MPs to vote for a numerous matters without the necessary time to examine each matter separately. The latest bill contains also some changes that are in favor of the private banking sector who will gain more

Another hit against the remnants of democracy in Greece

Neoliberal government attempts to erase its dirty past According to SYRIZA MP Zoi Konstantopoulou the new omnibus bill aims to erase cases of briberies! “ This is about ordinances whose aim is to misdemeanor briberies to employees (articles 235 and 236 of the criminal code), according to which, in case that the action for which the bribery is given is not against the duties of the employee, the later will be punished to misdemeanor degree (and therefore erased in five years), whatever the amount of bribery.” “ This means that, after publishing the bill next week, many cases concerning briberies above 120,000 euros, even millions, will be erased, in case that the action for which they are given 'is not against employee's duties, but simply refer to them'.” “ In criminal cases, like military equipment contracts and the 'Siemens' case, which are now under investigation, or other cases for which the court has taken permanent decision,

Πολυνομοσχέδιο: Προώθηση παραγραφής δωροδοκιών!

“ Πρόκειται για τις διατάξεις με τις οποίες επιδιώκεται η «πλημμεληματοποίηση» της δωροδοκίας και δωροληψίας υπαλλήλου (άρθρα 235 και 236 Π.Κ.), η οποία, σύμφωνα με την εισαγόμενη ρύθμιση, εάν η πράξη για την οποία δίδεται το «δώρο» (άλλως η μίζα) δεν αντίκειται στα καθήκοντα του υπαλλήλου, θα τιμωρείται μόνον σε βαθμό πλημμελήματος (και επομένως θα υπόκειται σε πενταετή παραγραφή), ανεξαρτήτως ποσού. ” “ Αυτό σημαίνει ότι, με τη δημοσίευση του Νόμου, την επόμενη εβδομάδα, θα οδηγηθούν σε παραγραφή πλείστες υποθέσεις που αφορούν μίζες και δώρα άνω των 120.000 ευρώ, ακόμη και εκατομμυρίων ευρώ, αν κρίνεται ότι η πράξη για την οποία δόθηκαν «δεν αντίκειται στα καθήκοντα του υπαλλήλου, αλλά απλώς ανάγεται σε αυτά» .” “ Σε αυτή την κατηγορία εμπίπτουν πλείστες υποθέσεις αρμοδιότητας των Οικονομικών Εισαγγελέων, των Εισαγγελέων Διαφθοράς, αλλά και πολύκροτες υποθέσεις που έχουν οδηγήσει στο ακροατήριο ή στην ειρκτή πολλά γνωστά και μη εξαιρετέα πρόσωπα.” “ Σε

Greece: Two more to assist the neoliberal government?

It seems that the systemic establishment recruits independent MPs who suddenly join the government when things become risky for its dominance by system failure Disorientation operations continued by the government through the "fresh milk" case and the supposed "rebel" MPs declaring that they will not retreat ( ), but it is almost certain that they have already agreed to follow Troika's orders, adopting new IMF-type measures of destruction. These operations, however, are risky because one or two MPs who really want to abandon government in order to be rescued against a political death, may follow the supposed "rebels". Therefore, as the government has a tenuous majority, there is a danger that the new bill will not pass from the parliament in the next few days. Thus yesterday, "accidentally", two MPs of the Right mode

Άλλοι δύο για το μαντρί

Φαίνεται ότι όταν τα πράγματα ζορίσουν η κυβέρνηση χρησιμοποιεί το έσχατο χαρτί της επιστράτευσης ανεξάρτητων (πλέον) βουλευτών του system failure Οι επιχειρήσεις αποπροσανατολισμού με τους "δήθεν" αντάρτες που διαφωνούν με συγκεκριμένες πολιτικές (στην τελευταία περίπτωση για την υπόθεση με το γάλα), κρύβουν και κινδύνους, καθώς μπορεί να παρασύρουν και βουλευτές που ψάχνουν μια ευκαιρία για ηρωική έξοδο από την νεοφιλελεύθερη μνημονιακή κυβέρνηση. Στην προκειμένη περίπτωση, το μαύρο πρόβατο απ'ότι φαίνεται είναι ο βουλευτής του ΠΑΣΟΚ Μιχάλης Κασσής, ο οποίος προκάλεσε ανοιχτά τον Βενιζέλο, δηλώνοντας πως θα του έκανε χάρη αν τον διέγραφε. Σε άλλες περιπτώσεις, όπου θα υπήρχε ισχυρή κυβερνητική πλειοψηφία, οποιοσδήποτε δήλωνε κάτι τέτοιο θα διαγράφονταν με συνοπτικές διαδικασίες και πιθανόν δεν θα προλάβαινε καν να κάνει μια παρόμοια δήλωση. Η στάση Κασσή βέβαια είναι αρκετά ύποπτη και μοιάζει άκρως υποκριτική, καθώς είχε άπειρες αφορμ

US private military companies to suppress pro-Russian demonstrations in East Ukraine?

According to ITAR-TASS News Agency the information came from a source in Ukrainian Security Service Key info: “ Ukrainian authorities plan to attract US private military company Greystone Limited to suppress protest moods of the mostly Russian-speaking population in the east of the country.” “ According to Ukrainian Security Service, mercenaries will be engaged in political search and protection of state security over inability of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to curb on leaders and activists of pro-Russian movement independently.” “ This initiative was put forward by oligarchs Ihor Kolomoyskyi, a co-owner of Ukraine’s PrivatBank, and Serhiy Taruta, head of the industrial union of Donbass, a coal basin in eastern Ukraine, as these business tycoons were appointed as governors in central Ukraine’s Dnepropetrovsk region and eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region, respectively.” “ A source in Ukrainian Security Service which participated in recent special me

Greece's annual independence day in a capital-fortress

Obama to support Samaras while Athens center was full of police excluded for public The picture today from the military parade in Athens with no audience, except of some people who permitted to watch with special invitations, shows perfectly the police-state that the Samaras administration has created, but also depicts the distance between the current political class and people. As the government is forced to follow the destructive IMF recipes and is expected to take new measures after the euro-elections, this picture was also a message to anyone who will dare to fight against such policies. Obama rushed to support Samaras through an announcement:

March 24, 2014: 15 years from NATO “humanitarian” bombings in Yugoslavia

“ Exactly 15 years ago, on March 24, NATO began its 78-day bombing of Yugoslavia. The alliance bypassed the UN under a 'humanitarian' pretext, launching aggression that claimed hundreds of civilian lives and caused a much larger catastrophe than it averted.” “ Codenamed 'Operation Allied Force,' it was the largest attack ever undertaken by the alliance. It was also the first time that NATO used military force without the approval of the UN Security Council and against a sovereign nation that did not pose a real threat to any member of the alliance.” “ In the course of the campaign, NATO launched 2,300 missiles at 990 targets and dropped 14,000 bombs, including depleted uranium bombs and cluster munitions (unexploded cluster bombs continued to pose a threat to people long after the campaign was over.) Over 2,000 civilians were killed, including 88 children, and thousands more were injured. Over 200,000 ethnic Serbs were forced to leave their homeland in Ko

A class war culmination after the euro-elections

Neoliberal dictatorship in Greece is ready to take new cruel suppression measures to finish the experiment by system failure Samaras administration announced recently its will to distribute the primary surplus. Government's show continued through the known tactics, as the government officials played their roles and the Greek PM declared with a supposedly strict manner that he is going to distribute primary surplus, despite Troika's orders not to do so. ( ) The show continued also inside government through the "fresh milk" case and the supposed "rebel" MPs declaring that they will not retreat ( ), in an attempt to prevent the total defeat of the Socialist party PASOK in euro-elections and persuade voters that they stand for their own "red lines". The mainst

Message from Greece for the 22 of March, global day against fascism and racism

Κορύφωση του ταξικού πολέμου μετά τις ευρωεκλογές

Η νεοφιλελεύθερη δικτατορία στην Ελλάδα ετοιμάζεται για νέα σκληρά μέτρα καταστολής ώστε να ολοκληρωθεί το πείραμα του system failure Η κυβέρνηση Σαμαρά ανακοίνωσε πρόσφατα την απόδοση του πρωτογενούς πλεονάσματος. Το σόου της κυβέρνησης και η γνωστή τακτική συνεχίστηκε, με τους κυβερνώντες να παίζουν θέατρο και τον πρωθυπουργό με δήθεν αυστηρό ύφος να δηλώνει ότι δεν πρόκειται να κάνει πίσω στις απαιτήσεις της Τρόικα να μην αποδοθεί το πρωτογενές πλεόνασμα.  Το σόου συνεχίστηκε και σε ενδοκυβερνητικό επίπεδο με αφορμή την υπόθεση του γάλακτος και τους δήθεν "αντάρτες" να δηλώνουν με έμφαση ότι δεν πρόκειται να υποχωρήσουν, σε μια απόπειρα να διασώσουν τα ποσοστά του ΠΑΣΟΚ εν όψει ευρωεκλογών, αλλά και να πείσουν ότι έχουν και αυτοί τις δικές τους κόκκινες γραμμές. Τα συστημικά ΜΜΕ, όπως ήταν αναμενόμενο, πρόβαλαν τις διαφωνίες για το γάλα ως μείζον θέμα. Δεν είναι η πρώτη φορά που παίζεται αυτή η παράσταση: http://failedevolution.

Today: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Tomorrow, 22 March: Demonstrations and various events in Athens, Thessaloniki, Chania and other cities in Europe and all over the World.   Just a few weeks before the euro-elections , tens of thousands of protesters across Europe are sending the message that they will not accept the official racist policies implemented by European governments with a prominent role among these the Greek government .

New shocking data from OECD for Greece

The destructive impact of the neoliberal dictatorship The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released new shocking data for Greece confirming one more time Troika's destructive neoliberal policies. Key points: "Total household income in Greece dropped by 1/3 between 2007 and 2012, with average losses of some 4400 euros per person. This is the biggest fall in the OECD and four times as big as the loss recorded in the average Eurozone country." "Between 2008 and 2013, unemployment swelled at a rate of 3800 per week and 60% of the 1.4 million jobseekers are long-term unemployed." "Since 2007/8, total spending on social protection and health fell by some 18% in real terms, compared to a 14% real-term increase in the average OECD country." "After more than five years of severe economic decline, Greece remains one of only two EU countries without a nationwide minimum-income benefit (the

An example of how the US government is funding groups to destabilize countries

" The Iran-Contra scandal was huge and should have been much bigger. What the US decided to do was to open up ties to Tehran by selling them surface to air missiles. The profits of those sales were then put into banks in Switzerland and were removed to pass to the Contras. We were trying to overthrow the Sandinistas. What Iran-Contra represented at the very heart of the problem was to ignore American law. American law clearly stated that the US was not allow to provide military assistance to the Contras, and American law also stated that we were not going to do business with governments such as Iran that were involved with terrorist actions. The instability that we have contributed to, creates the kind of chaos and disarray that leads to more immigration because you can argue that if we move into the societies and contribute to this dysfunction we have a moral obligation to help the people who feel unsafe in the situations that we in part have created. "

Dressed to Kill

In one of the best Brian De Palma's movies, "Dressed to Kill" (1980), starring Angie Dickinson and Michael Caine, the mysterious murderer was specially dressed before murdering, wearing black glasses. What I remember most from this movie, is Dickinson in her finest moments, De Palma's neo-Hitchcock suspense, and title of the movie that for some reason impressed me. Apparently, I subsequently explain, why murders have a ritual and a protocol and the title was highlighting this process by Makis Andronopoulos "Dressed to Kill" came up in my mind's hard disk, as an "inspiration" of what is happening in Ukraine and in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Observing the repeat of the Yugoslavian drama, someone would say that in Ukraine the West is dressed to kill. Is this a chance for US and EU to escape from the monstrous bubble created by monetarism and neoliberalism that puts barriers against their need to grow as much as the want? Or, perhaps

Another human tragedy in Aegean: Seven dead, two missing

EUROPE WHERE ARE YOU? Seven migrants lost their lives and two are missing in the sea area of Cape Koraka Mytilene, as the half-boat sank. Eight people have been rescued. There were infants on board. The incident became known when a merchant ship with Turkish flag, who sailed in the area found and collected two of them. The ship informed the port authorities of Mytilene and two floating boats of the Greek Coast Guard collected two migrants. They said they were in a boat with 15 other people, but it sank. Research for the missing migrants is conducted by two floating boats of the Greek Coast Guard, other boats in the area and a Super Puma helicopter.

Western hypocrites defeat in Crimea

The plan of the neoliberal dictatorship for Russia is postponed for now. Banksters however know to wait for suitable conditions to mature. They will try to get rid of Putin by any means to put their puppet with the help of the Russian oligarchs currently in self-exile. The ultimate goal is to break the vast Russian territory into many pieces and put Western-type puppets in power to take control of all the resources. A science fiction scenario? They've already done it back in 1991 with the Soviet Union, why not now? The big question is: How will China respond in such a threat, as it would be fully isolated and circled by Westernized neoliberal regimes and governments?

Official: Troika in Greece serves specific interests

" ... I don't believe this theory that Troika comes here and tell us what to do. Not at all. And this because Troika consists of 15 middle-level and 4 or 5 higher-level officers. No one has nobel prize, no one is a politician, no one has lived in Greece for 50 or 60 years. What did they do? They have come with a general concept, a plan, a specific perception and recipe, which applied in various countries, and in 3 or 4 months they built hundreds of thousands guides, decisions, etc., based on this recipe. It's impossible all this stuff to have written by 15 people in 3 months. "   " A parallel business has been set. This business is, forces of the Greek neoliberalism, bank CEOs, former bank executives, big law bureaus that serve specific interests, and all this system informs, makes and evaluates suggestions that flood Troika. Troika takes all this stuff to embody it to a general plan which finally shapes its proposition because Troika didn't kn

Putin against the Western oligarchs?

“ We are witnessing a huge geopolitical game in which the aim is the destruction of Russia as a geopolitical opponent of the US or of the global financial oligarchy…..The realization of this project is in line with the concept of global domination that is being carried out by the US.” "How Washington conducts itself in this new conflict will tell us whether the authors of the War on Terror–that public relations hoax that concealed the goals of eviscerated civil liberties and one world government–were really serious about actualizing their NWO vision or if it was merely the collective pipedream of corporate CEOs and bored bankers with too much time on their hands." "The western oil giants have been playing “catch up” for more than a decade with Putin checkmating them at every turn. As it happens, the wily KGB alum has turned out to be a better businessman than any of his competitors, essentially whooping them at their own game, using the free mar

Επίσημο: Η Τρόικα στην Ελλάδα εξυπηρετεί συγκεκριμένα συμφέροντα

“ ... εγώ αυτή την θεωρία, η τρόικα έρχεται εδώ, και μας λέει τι να κάνουμε, δεν την πιστεύω. Καθόλου. Διότι η τρόικα που έρχεται είναι 15 μεσαίοι υπάλληλοι και 4-5 ανώτεροι. Κανείς τους δεν είναι νομπελίστας, κανείς τους δεν είναι πολιτικός, κανείς τους δεν έχει ζήσει 50 και 60 χρόνια στην Ελλάδα. Τι έχουν κάνει όλοι τους; Έχουν έρθει με ένα συνολικό concept, με ένα σχέδιο αντίληψη, μια συνταγογραφία που εφάρμοσαν σε διάφορες χώρες και μέσα σε 3-4 μήνες, με αυτή την συνταγογραφία μας έχουν φτιάξει εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες οδηγίες αποφάσεις κλπ. Δεν γράφονται αυτά από 15 ανθρώπους σε 3 μήνες. ” “ Αυτά, έχει στηθεί ένα παραμάγαζο. Το παραμάγαζο είναι οι δυνάμεις του ελληνικού νεοφιλελευθερισμού, είναι διοικητές τραπεζών, είναι πρώην στελέχη τραπεζών, είναι μεγάλα δικηγορικά γραφεία που διαμεσολαβούν για λογαριασμό της διαπλοκής και όλο αυτό το σύστημα, πληροφορεί, προτείνει, ιεραρχεί τις προτάσεις και μπουκώνει την τρόικα. Και η τρόικα τα παίρνει αυτά, τα εντάσσει στο γενικό της