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Don't Look Up, Just Give Up

Why the establishment really pissed off with Adam McKay's Don't Look Up   by system failure   Why a movie with some of the most famous actors would bring such an embarrassment to the establishment? Probably because it would depict establishment's multi-level ugliness using establishment's star-system "materials". That's the short answer on why Adam McKay's Don't Look Up produced, up until now, so much controversy. The presence of Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in a movie, makes it really hard for the establishment "experts" to bury it, if they don't like the deeper message it carries. So, reviews should be mixed and covertly undermine the movie, devaluing it smoothly.    The creators of the story (Adam McKay and David Sirota), wanted to highlight the incredible unwillingness of the societies to deal seriously with the now very direct threat of climate crisis. Yet, remarkably, they did much more