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The war on you: How the Pentagon is militarizing social control

Neoliberalism benefits the few and makes life for the many increasingly impossible. Big data and blanket surveillance give state and corporate intelligence confidence that they can pre-empt and manage mass, social reactions to neoliberalism. This article is an excerpt from my new book, The War on You . by T.J. Coles Part 2 - “KNOWLEDGE DOMINANCE” The war on you is the militarization of everyday life with the express goal of controlling society, including your thoughts and actions. A U.S. Army document on information operations from 2003 specifically cites activists as potential threats to elite interests. “ Nonstate actors, ranging from drug cartels to social activists, are taking advantage of the possibilities the information environment offers, ” particularly with the commercialization of the internet. “ Info dominance ” as the Space Command calls it can counter these threats: “ these actors use the international news media to attempt to influence global public opinion and