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Already started: South Africa takes a first decisive step towards an enormous shift of power from the West to the global anti-imperialist powers

This could be proved one of the most significant turning points of 21st century  by system failure   Just only about a month ago, we wrote that we are witnessing a genocide in real-time. Israeli Apartheid state has launched another ethnic cleansing operation against Palestinians, not only in Gaza, but in the West Bank too. And the level of brutality of this operation shows that the Zionists of Netanyahu regime are absolutely determined this time to complete what the Israel is trying to do for decades: wipe out Palestinians from their land.    We concluded that, it's time for China, Russia, the Global South and the Arab World to form a robust coalition with the mission to make sure that international law will truly apply to everyone.   Well, it would be almost impossible to predict that it could start so fast.     Yesterday, South Africa addressed the UN's highest court in a bid to end the mass killing of civilians in Gaza, accusing Israel of carrying out genocide aga