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Hamas: Israel's fatal creature

globinfo freexchange   Another cycle of blood is taking place in Gaza after Hamas' latest attacks on Israeli civilians. And the retaliation by the Israeli Apartheid state is expected, as always, disproportional, as much more Palestinian civilians will pay the price with their lives. As if the life in Gaza Strip has not been already unbearable due to the Israeli brutality under one of the worst Israeli prime ministers ever.   But how many people know that Hamas has been actually empowered by Israel itself? Intercept 's Mehdi Hasan tells the story about how Israel helped create Hamas:   Hamas, which is the acronym for an Arabic phrase meaning Islamic resistance movement, was founded in 1987 at the start of the first Palestinian Intifada, or uprising against the Israeli occupation, but its roots were planted much earlier.  The Hamas founder, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, was a half blind disabled Palestinian cleric and member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood had been repressed by