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US imperialists sacrifice their European branch on the altar of their proxy war against Russia in Ukraine

globinfo freexchange   To arm the nazis and destroy Ukraine by dragging the country into a war with Russia wasn't enough for the ruthless US imperialists. They had to throw into the arena the entire Europe.    Yet, apart from a few - highly uncertain - successes so far, (coming from one of its most dirty proxy wars), the declining US empire discovers that it has to pay a huge price, just only to challenge the rise of its global rivals. It appears that, so far, the US imperialists are close to fulfill two of their key goals.    First, to lure Sweden and Finland into the NATO trap. A move that could be proved disastrous for two of the most prosperous and advanced European countries, whose achievements materialized (to a high degree) due to decades of neutrality.   Second, to force Russia into a long attrition war with Ukraine. Since already 2014, we wrote that the US imperialists wanted to challenge Putin in order to drag Russia in an endless attrition war in East Ukraine and this

A very dark moment in the history of Finland and Sweden as their leaders decide to join the criminal organization NATO

globinfo freexchange   A last minute agreement has been reached between Turkey, Finland and Sweden to allow the two Nordic countries to become NATO members on the eve of the military alliance’s recent summit in Madrid.   But the following picture is a disgrace for both Finland and Sweden, two of the most advanced European counties on many issues, and also highlights NATO's ridiculousness and hypocrisy. Right at the center, you can see not NATO's head, but Turkey's authoritarian leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It seems that NATO gave Erdogan what he wanted (and maybe more), and Finland and Sweden are now obliged to deliver to his regime any political opponent who would be labeled by it as "terrorist".     Now, Amineh Kakabaveh, a former peshmerga of Iranian-Kurdish origin and independent MP in Sweden that has been targeted by Erdogan, may face the possibility of an extradition to Turkey.   As Yanis Varoufakis wrote :                         A dark day for the polit

US imperialists are about to get what they wanted from Russia's invasion of Ukraine

globinfo freexchange   In our 2014 article The big barrier called Putin , we concluded:                            What was left to do, for the moment, is to challenge Putin in order to drag Russia in an endless attrition war in East Ukraine and this explains to a degree Putin's hesitation to act like he did in Crimea. Against Russian army, of course, the West will not risk to put an organized military force, but only teams of mercenaries of private armies, as already did. It is certain, however, that, despite that the global economic oligarchy has lost valuable time because of its wrong moves, it will not give up its plans for Russia easily ...   After almost eight years, the US imperialists and the NATO criminals got what they wanted. They finally managed to drag Russia into a war with Ukraine.  For eight years, the NATO criminals were provoking Russia by arming the far-right and neo-nazi militia groups who also infiltrated in the Ukrainian army and operate in East Ukraine again