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A historical turning point has just occurred ... and it is not the Trump assassination attempt

globinfo freexchange   The biggest crime of our century, that is, the genocide of Palestinians by the Zionists has been almost forgotten. And while everyone is distracted by the war in Ukraine and the assassination attempt against Donald Trump, a development of historic proportions took place. The development either escaped from the corporate media radars in the West, or, deliberately ignored.   The integration of Russia's and India's payment systems marks the definite rejection of the Western SWIFT system, dominated by the US dollar, and the complete detachment of BRICS from this system.   As Kitco News reported recently:   The trend of de-dollarization continues to gain traction despite many analysts saying the threat is overblown as India and Russia have announced a new partnership that will see their respective payment systems – India’s RuPay and Russia’s MIR – integrated to allow for seamless cross-border transactions without the need for U.S. dollars.  The partner

Is Keir Starmer a British intelligence asset?

The Grayzone   The Grayzone 's Kit Klarenberg examines the history of new British PM Keir Starmer's involvement in British intelligence operations, and his role in the prosecution of Julian Assange. 

Israeli forces bomb UNRWA school in Nuseirat refugee camp

Al Jazeera English   Israeli forces bombed a UNRWA school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza. Several Palestinians were killed or wounded in the attack, health officials said. The Gaza media office put the initial death toll at 15. The school has been housing hundreds of displaced people. The injured have been rushed to the nearby Al-Aqsa Hospital. 

At least 90 killed in Israeli attack on al-Mawasi ‘safe zone’ in south Gaza

Al Jazeera English   A horrific massacre, that's how Palestinians are describing one of the worst Israeli attacks on Gaza since the war began.   Fighter jets and drones armed with missiles bombed tents where thousands of displaced families were sheltering.   At least 90 people were killed in al-Mawasi, an area Israel had designated as a safe-zone. 

Trump shot in ear in rally assassination attempt

Former US President Donald Trump was rushed off stage after gunshots erupted at a rally in Pennsylvania in an apparent assassination attempt. Footage showed him grimace and raise a hand to his right ear, before ducking as sharp cracks - a series of shots - broke out. He was quickly swarmed by US Secret Service agents and dragged off stage to a waiting vehicle. He raised a fist as he was bundled into the car. In a post to his Truth Social network, Trump said a bullet pierced the "upper part" of his right ear. Earlier, his spokesperson said he was "fine" and receiving treatment at a local medical centre. Full report:   Update:   The Federal Bureau of Investigation has identified 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks as the "subject involved" in the attempted assassination, opens new tab of former President Donald Trump, it said in a statement on Sunday.

Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic

The U.S. military launched a clandestine program amid the COVID crisis to discredit China’s Sinovac inoculation – payback for Beijing’s efforts to blame Washington for the pandemic. One target: the Filipino public. Health experts say the gambit was indefensible and put innocent lives at risk. by Chris Bing and Joel Schectman  Part 4 - A new disinformation war In uncovering the secret U.S. military operation, Reuters interviewed more than two dozen current and former U.S officials, military contractors, social media analysts and academic researchers. Reporters also reviewed Facebook, X and Instagram posts, technical data and documents about a set of fake social media accounts used by the U.S. military. Some were active for more than five years. Clandestine psychological operations are among the government’s most highly sensitive programs. Knowledge of their existence is limited to a small group of people within U.S. intelligence and military agencies. Such programs are treated with spe

Chain of fools

The Grayzone   Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss plans announced by NATO at its Washington DC summit to escalate conflicts across the globe and its expand its ranks, the vindication of their reporting on Israel's scandalous Hannibal Directive, the ongoing meltdown over Joe Biden's cognitive decline, and much more.  

NATO vs voters: How the West's warmongering threatens democracy and the Global Majority

Geopolitical Economy Report   In response to the NATO summit in Washington, political economists Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson discuss how Western governments are losing elections and ignoring their own people in order to expand the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and beyond, while seeking to impose control over the majority of humanity in the Global South.  

Stop the Gaza genocide! Join the rally in Washington, D.C. on July 24!

On Wednesday, July 24, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been accused of war crimes by the International Criminal Court, will address a joint session of Congress. The invitation is yet another demonstration of the US government’s unlimited solidarity with the Israeli state. Netanyahu will be speaking in Washington not only as the leader of the fascistic cabal that rules Israel but as the political agent of US imperialism in the Middle East. He will stand before and receive the applause of Congress as the leader of a government that is engaged in mass murder and the systematic destruction of Gazan society. The number of Palestinian deaths during the last nine months, according to the Gazan Health Ministry, had reached 37,396 people as of June 19.  However, a more intensive analysis of the scale of destruction, published on July 5 by The Lancet , among the most respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, states that the official figure is a vast underestimate

LOWKEY - Genocide Joe

Double Down News   Lowkey releases his new track 'Genocide Joe' featuring Mai Khalil.

Israeli documents show expansive government effort to shape US discourse around Gaza war

As the Gaza war rages, Israeli funds target US college campuses and push to redefine antisemitism in US law   by Lee Fang and Jack Poulson   Part 3 - Substantial Israeli government involvement in American politics   Haaretz and the New York Times recently revealed that Chikli’s ministry had tapped a public relations firm to secretly pressure American lawmakers. The firm used hundreds of fake accounts posting pro-Israel or anti-Muslim content on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and Instagram. (The diaspora affairs ministry denied involvement in the campaign, which reportedly provided about $2m to an Israeli firm for the social media posts.) But that effort is only one of many such campaigns coordinated by the ministry, which has received limited news coverage. The ministry of diaspora affairs and its partners compile weekly reports based on tips from pro-Israel US student groups, some of which receive funding from Israeli government sources . For example, Hillel International, a co-foun

How big corporations took over Western governments

Geopolitical Economy Report   How did Western governments get to the point where major decisions are made by and for large corporate monopolies? Ben Norton is joined by political economist Radhika Desai to discuss neoliberalism and the myth of the free market.  


Secular Talk    

Prediction: Macron will form an alliance with Le Pen to stop the Left

failed evolution   The capitalist factions in France will agree on a temporary ceasefire in order to stop the Leftist "threat", after the unexpected victory of the Leftist coalition in France.    Macron gambled heavily as he didn't expect to see the Left winning in the second round. Now, his bosses - that is, the financial capital - will order him to form a coalition with Le Pen. That's because the last thing they want to see, is the radical Left and the Communists coming to power in any way.

As Labour Wins in U.K., Ex-Leader Jeremy Corbyn Wins as Independent in Revolt over Gaza Policy

Democracy Now!   Keir Starmer is Britain's new prime minister after the Labour Party won a landslide in Thursday's election, ending 14 years of Conservative rule. Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was reelected as an independent, says the party now needs to offer meaningful change to the public, including on demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. " Whilst Labour has this huge parliamentary majority, their national share of the vote was only around a third of all votes cast. It's a very low mandate, " says Corbyn.

France shows the way: double hit against the far-right and the extreme center by Mélenchon's Leftist coalition

The Left in France shows the way. It took advantage of the capitalist civil war and achieved a decisive victory against the political tools of capitalists: the far-right and the extreme center. We present a 2022 analysis by the blog in which we predicted that "the real Left can revive and counterattack.'   globinfo freexchange   It has become completely normal now for people in the "free" and "democratic" West to vote for the "lesser of two evils". Despite the fact that there is nothing democratic and normal in dirty tactics (which include even internal-party coups) organized by bipartisan dictatorships against real-Leftist candidates, the outcome of this process is now considered the new norm. That is, a neoliberal (pseudo-Left for the US) candidate against an alt-right candidate, which is definitely a win-win situation for the capitalist elites against the working class in every country.   This ugly show is repeated election cycle after electio

"Boring is the new radical"

Jonathan Pie                                Starmer should be aware 'just not being the other guy' isn't enough. If Starmer cannot turn the tide, and quickly, saving UK public services from the brink of collapse whilst putting more money into working people's pockets, in five short years, populists will be poised to take over the country again.

How can China be socialist if it has a stock market? Understanding the Chinese economy

Geopolitical Economy Report   China describes its system as a "socialist market economy". How does that work? What is the role of its stock exchanges? Ben Norton explains Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. 

The peculiar fascism of the extreme center

The slide of the "extreme center" towards fascism becomes increasingly visible throughout the West   by system failure   Part 4 - The Covid-19 and the vaccines   When the Covid-19 pandemic burst out, an unprecedented operation of psychological terrorism started instantly. Through this operation, not only hard deniers of the vaccines, but even moderate skeptics (concerning the vaccine effectiveness and the side-effects), became the targets of a psychological bullying, through ironies, insults and stigmatization. The psychological warfare was so wild that even some scientists who appeared on TV panels - simply pointing out that there should be a more rational use of the vaccines, came under heavy fire by the rest of the panel, consisted of pro-vaccine fanatics, both scientists and journalists. And of course, the only reason vaccination was not imposed on everyone directly, was the fact that the big pharma multinationals did not have the time to test the vaccines according to th

Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic

The U.S. military launched a clandestine program amid the COVID crisis to discredit China’s Sinovac inoculation – payback for Beijing’s efforts to blame Washington for the pandemic. One target: the Filipino public. Health experts say the gambit was indefensible and put innocent lives at risk. by Chris Bing and Joel Schectman  Part 3 - COVID-19 deaths in the Philippines The pandemic hit the Philippines especially hard, and by November 2021, COVID had claimed the lives of 48,361 people there. A spokesperson for Duterte did not make the former president available for an interview. Some Filipino healthcare professionals and former officials contacted by Reuters were shocked by the U.S. anti-vax effort, which they say exploited an already vulnerable citizenry. Public concerns about a Dengue fever vaccine, rolled out in the Philippines in 2016, had led to broad skepticism toward inoculations overall, said Lulu Bravo, executive director of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination. The Penta

Israeli documents show expansive government effort to shape US discourse around Gaza war

As the Gaza war rages, Israeli funds target US college campuses and push to redefine antisemitism in US law   by Lee Fang and Jack Poulson   Part 2 - “Winning the war over Israel’s story”   Other American groups tied to Voices have pursued a range of initiatives to bolster support for the state of Israel. One such group listed publicly as a partner, the National Black Empowerment Council (NBEC), published an open letter from Black Democratic politicians pledging solidarity with Israel. Another group, CyberWell, a pro-Israel anti-disinformation group led by former Israeli military intelligence and Voices officials, has established itself as an official “trusted partner” to TikTok and Meta, helping both social platforms screen and edit content. A recent CyberWell report called for Meta to suppress the popular slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. A spokesperson for CyberWell responded that it receives “ no government funding whatsoever from any country ” and the org

Why bourgeois democracy is a dictatorship of the rich

Revolutionary Communist Party   We’re told we live in a democracy, but whether we vote for Starmer or Sunak, we’re going to get pretty much the same thing. What’s democratic about that? We’re told we have rights like freedom of speech and a free press, but the government is banning protests and the newspapers are all owned by billionaires. What’s the point of these “rights” if they don’t actually mean anything? The fact is that the world is run by and for the rich. They decide everything and the rest of us don’t get a say. That isn’t democracy, that’s a dictatorship. In this episode of Marxist Voice, Ben Gliniecki proves that what we live in today isn’t a real democracy. Instead, he will give a vision of what a real, socialist, democracy would look like, along with how communists can best fight for it. 

Israel's BIGGEST Lies Destroyed By Gazan Analyst

Owen Jones These are the big key lies spread by defenders of Israel's genocidal onslaught - and here Muhammad Shehada, a Gazan analyst who has suffered a hideous personal cost - goes through them one by one.

AI passed the Turing Test -- And No One Noticed

Sabine Hossenfelder  The Turing test used to be the key benchmark for artificial intelligence. The idea, going back to Alan Turing,  was that a human interrogator would have a chat with a respondent, and the human needs to figure out whether the respondent is either human, or an AI. GPT has now officially passed that test. Would you be able to tell it apart from a human?

BlackRock & Wall Street banks are profiting from Israel's crimes in Gaza, UN says

Geopolitical Economy Report  Top UN human rights experts called on Western weapons corporations to stop sending arms to Israel, saying they could be complicit in war crimes. Asset managers like BlackRock and Wall Street banks are also profiting. Ben Norton looks at the evidence.

Socialism or Barbarism: What’s at Stake in this Election & Beyond

Double Down News   Roger Waters meets Fiona Lali. Fiona Lali is the independent candidate for Stratford & Bow. 

Sleepy Genocide Joe vs Creepy Orange Clown: the worst US presidential debate ever ... by far

globinfo freexchange   We had plenty of evidence so far about the decline of the US imperialist empire, but this one is perhaps the most depicting at a symbolic level.   We don't need to say much, see it for yourself and you'll get it. We just picked the two most stupid moments of the debate , according to our view, one for each clown:                           BIDEN: The fact is that Putin is a war criminal. He’s killed thousands and thousands of people. And he has made one thing clear: He wants to re-establish what was part of the Soviet Empire. Not just a piece, he wants all of Ukraine. That’s what he wants. And then do you think he’ll stop there? Do you think he’ll stop when he – if he takes Ukraine? What do you think happens to Poland? What do you think of Belarus? What do you think happens to those NATO countries?   "Putin is a war criminal." Said the war criminal who arms the Zionazis of Israel to commit genocide against Palestinians, as we speak. "He wa

The FBI Wanted Assange to Die in Prison - Here’s the Real Reason They Let Him Out

BreakThrough News   Julian Assange has finally been freed after over a decade of persecution by the US government for exposing its war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.    Following a plea deal with the US Department of Justice, the WikiLeaks founder was freed from the super-max Belmarsh Prison on Monday, where he was held for over five years battling impending extradition to the US.    Kevin Gosztola, the curator of newsletter & author of Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case Against Julian Assange , discusses the global movement to free Assange and why his release is a “major defeat” for the CIA, FBI and Justice Department.  

The peculiar fascism of the extreme center

The slide of the "extreme center" towards fascism becomes increasingly visible throughout the West   by system failure   Part 3 - The Assange case   WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is being held at the Belmarsh high security prison in London for nearly five years now. The events prior to his arrest consist perhaps one of the most blatant proofs of the slide of the extreme center towards fascism.   The unimaginable invasion of the British police in the Ecuadorian embassy took place under Trump presidency and with the blessing of the government of traitor Lenin Moreno. Yet, the wild persecution of Assange had already begun under the Obama presidency.   And while it is certain that the US imperialists wanted Assange's head because he exposed some of their most horrific war crimes through WikiLeaks, especially the Democrats got furious mostly because WilkiLeaks published Hilllary Clinton's emails.   And that's because the emails revealed a dirty war held by the

Exposed: How Biden & Ukraine’s Fascists Worked Together to Block Peace with Russia

BreakThrough News   Newly released treaty negotiation documents show that Ukraine and Russia were very close to ending the war—more than two years ago, in April 2022. But U.S. imperialists and NATO have worked with and strengthened the right-wing in Ukraine to achieve their long-term goals in the region, including endless war, no matter how many people die. Brian Becker is joined by Eugene Puryear, co-host of The Freedom Side , to discuss the newly revealed documents showing how the Ukraine war nearly ended two years ago but were sabotaged by the intervention of the White House and the Ukrainian far-right. They discuss how Ukraine’s economy has been totally mortgaged to U.S. and European interests. 

Pentagon ran secret anti-vax campaign to undermine China during pandemic

The U.S. military launched a clandestine program amid the COVID crisis to discredit China’s Sinovac inoculation – payback for Beijing’s efforts to blame Washington for the pandemic. One target: the Filipino public. Health experts say the gambit was indefensible and put innocent lives at risk. by Chris Bing and Joel Schectman  Part 2 - ‘We were desperate’ Together, the phony accounts used by the military had tens of thousands of followers during the program. Reuters could not determine how widely the anti-vax material and other Pentagon-planted disinformation was viewed, or to what extent the posts may have caused COVID deaths by dissuading people from getting vaccinated. In the wake of the U.S. propaganda efforts, however, then-Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte had grown so dismayed by how few Filipinos were willing to be inoculated that he threatened to arrest people who refused vaccinations. “ You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed, ” a masked Duterte said in a televised

“Julian Is Free”: Assange Back Home in Australia After Taking U.S. Plea Deal in “Espionage” Case

Democracy Now!   Julian Assange has landed in Australia a free man, reuniting with his family Wednesday after pleading guilty to one charge of violating the U.S. Espionage Act as part of a deal with the Justice Department.    The WikiLeaks publisher entered his plea on the Pacific island of Saipan, part of the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands, which lets him avoid further prison time following five years behind bars in the U.K. awaiting possible extradition to the U.S.    He had been facing a possible 175 years in U.S. prison if convicted on charges related to his publication of classified documents in 2010 that revealed U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.    “ This case is an attack on journalism, it’s an attack on the public’s right to know, and it should never have been brought, ” the WikiLeaks founder’s wife, Stella Assange, said at a press conference Wednesday. “ Julian should never have spent a single day in prison. But today we celebrate, because today Julian

Israeli documents show expansive government effort to shape US discourse around Gaza war

As the Gaza war rages, Israeli funds target US college campuses and push to redefine antisemitism in US law   by Lee Fang and Jack Poulson   Part 1 - Redefining antisemitism   Last November, just weeks into the war in Gaza, Amichai Chikli, a brash, 42-year-old Likud minister in the Israeli government, was called into the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, to brief lawmakers on what could be done about rising anti-war protests from young people across the United States, especially at elite universities. “ I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now, that I think we should, especially in the United States, be on the offensive,” argued Chikli. Chikli has since led a targeted push to counter critics of Israel. The Guardian has uncovered evidence showing how Israel has relaunched a controversial entity as part of a broader public relations campaign to target US college campuses and redefine antisemitism in US law. Seconds after a smoke alarm subsided during the hearing, Chikli assured the l

Assange FREED: War Criminals Still Avoid Justice - w/. Kristinn Hrafnsson

Owen Jones  Julian Assange has been finally freed after years of incarceration for exposing US crimes. But what about the crimes he helped expose - and will the perpetrators ever face justice?

De-dollarization is growing: Even the US Federal Reserve (reluctantly) admits it

Geopolitical Economy Report Countries around the world are seeking alternatives to the US dollar. IMF economists say de-dollarization is "broad-based". The Federal Reserve reluctantly admits that it is happening. Ben Norton analyzes the latest research.

BREAKING: Victory! Julian Assange is free!

JULIAN ASSANGE IS FREE Julian Assange is free. He left Belmarsh maximum security prison on the morning of 24 June, after having spent 1901 days there. He was granted bail by the High Court in London and was released at Stansted airport during the afternoon, where he boarded a… — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) June 24, 2024 Rejoice! Julian is free. Fighting for what is right against the worst odds is never futile. This is the moment to redouble our efforts to free every political prisoner, everywhere. — Yanis Varoufakis (@yanisvaroufakis) June 25, 2024

Revealed: How Arms-Industry Think Tanks Push America to War

 by Alan Macleod   “America should WANT a Cold War with China”.   “Time to Increase Defense Spending”.   “How America Can Prepare For War in The Middle East, Russia and China.”   What do all these stories have in common? They are all written by prominent members of arms industry-sponsored think tanks (although these affiliations are rarely mentioned in corporate media). Think tanks are organizations of “experts” that work to influence public opinion and government policy on all manner of issues. They produce reports, talk to the media, write articles, and lobby politicians. They are usually funded by the rich and powerful, and this has become a crucial way in which the 1% launder their ideas and outlooks into public consciousness. Big corporations pay these groups to advocate for positions that will increase their influence and power. And when it comes to foreign policy, it is no different. It is in weapons companies’ direct interest that we go to war. When we do, they make billions in

'There are no values in occupation': Israeli forces using wounded Palestinian man as human shield

Al Jazeera English   A video has emerged showing an injured Palestinian tied to the front of an Israeli military vehicle after a raid in Jenin. It appears he's being used as a human shield. In a statement to Al Jazeera, the Israeli army says the suspect was apprehended in violation of orders, and standard operating procedures.  Anthony Loewenstein, an independent journalist and author of "The Palestine Laboratory," spoke to Al Jazeera , emphasising the historical context of brutality and abuse of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli military. He noted that such actions have been ongoing for decades, inspired initially by British tactics in the 1920s and 30s.   

Piers Morgan Gets SCHOOLED Like A Child On Ukraine By Jeffrey Sachs!

The Jimmy Dore Show  

UN says Israel is committing crimes against humanity & 'extermination' in Gaza

Geopolitical Economy Report   The United Nations Human Rights Council published a report that concluded that Israel has committed war crimes and "the crimes against humanity of extermination" in Gaza. Ben Norton analyzes the statements by UN legal experts.

Day 1900: Julian Assange still in prison and under slow-motion execution by the Anglo-American imperialist criminals

failed evolution   On 11 April 2019, the Ecuadorian government of traitor Lenin Moreno, invited the Metropolitan Police into the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and they arrested Julian Assange . Since then, Assange is kept in Belmarsh high security prison in London, without actual charges.   The real reason world's number one political prisoner is still kept in this high security prison, is because he exposed horrendous war crimes carried out by the US imperialists and their allies.   The ruthless Western imperialist regime wants to punish the No1 real journalist in the world and make him an example for any Whistleblower or real journalist who will attempt to expose its big crimes in the future.   And the Anglo-American axis has now become officially a fascist coalition , framed by the rest of its Western pets. UK's Home Secretary Priti Patel, one of the most ruthless ever, decided to extradite Julian Assange to US. No surprise of course. The only question we had in mind is