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Israel LOSING Gaza War: Israeli Major

Owen Jones    

Hamas: How Israel created its own nemesis

The Real News Network   Hamas, like all resistance groups, from the African National Congress to The Irish Republic Army, are as demonized as they are misunderstood. Hamas is a religious, nationalist political movement. It is not, despite what Israel and Washington say, a terrorist organization—although, like most resistance groups (including the Jewish militias that created the state of Israel), it has used terrorism as a tactic.    Because those on the outside do not understand what went into making Hamas—the steady drip of humiliation, violence, and impoverishment that define Israel’s Occupation of the Palestinians—Hamas and its ideology appears incomprehensible. But from the Palestinian perspective, Israel has left the Palestinians with no other choice.    Journalist and historian Paola Caridi, author of "Hamas: From Resistance to Regime," joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss the roots and nature of Hamas, and what we miss when we unthinkingly cast Hamas as nothing m

Another round of Israeli terror at Al-Shifa hospital

The Grayzone   The Israeli military has laid siege to Gaza City's al-Shifa hospital once again. What do we know about the atrocities it's committing, and why is it back in an area which it claimed to have cleared of Hamas militants months ago? The Grayzone 's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate assess the horrific military maneuver and state of battle in Gaza's north. 

Illegal E.U. COMPLICITY With Israel's Warcrimes EXPOSED

Neutrality Studies   This month, Clare Daly and Wallace called out the EU's complicity to Israel through the funding of the latter's water infrastructure, banking funding and utter ignorance of the ongoing lethal arms trade to Israel.   The two also brought up the Western sanctions and imperialism, and their roles in complicating the situation in Syria, Cuba and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

Intel Brags of $152 Billion in Stock Buybacks Over Last 35 Years. So Why Does It Need an $8 Billion Subsidy?

Intel, the largest chip maker in America, with 2023 revenues of $54 billion, has just been awarded an $8.5 billion grant from the federal CHIPS and Science Act, plus $11 billion in favorable loans. In addition to badly needed microchips, Intel produces totally useless stock buybacks. On its website the company proudly proclaims to have spent $152 billion on stock buybacks since 1990. That’s not a typo: $152,000,000,000. Which is why I call it "Stock Buybacks Я Us." Intel took $152 billion of its revenues, some portion of which could have been used for R&D and building new microchip facilities in the U.S. as well as paying workers more, and instead funneled it to its largest Wall Street stockholders and corporate executives, enriching the top fraction of the top one percent.  A company repurchasing its own shares sees earnings per share rise because there are fewer shares in circulation. Share prices rise, though nothing new is made, and the largest stockholders, including

Rights expert finds ‘reasonable grounds’ genocide is being committed in Gaza

Francesca Albanese was speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where she presented her latest report, entitled ‘Anatomy of a Genocide’, during an interactive dialogue with Member States. “ Following nearly six months of unrelenting Israeli assault on occupied Gaza, it is my solemn duty to report on the worst of what humanity is capable of, and to present my findings, ” she said. “ There are reasonable grounds to believe that the threshold indicating the commission of the crime of genocide…has been met. ”   Citing international law, Ms. Albanese explained that genocide is defined as a specific set of acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. “ Specifically, Israel has committed three acts of genocide with the requisite intent, causing seriously serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in w

Zionist criminals admit on camera genocide & destruction of UN facilities

The Grayzone   Journalist Jeremy Loffredo joins The Grayzone to discuss his shocking and highly revelatory video report from inside the ranks of the Israeli nationalists blocking aid to Gaza with the quiet support of their government. Loffredo explains how he gained access to the demonstrators and the unsettling scenes he witnessed while filming his exclusive Grayzone documentary.

Court rules Julian Assange can take appeal to new hearing

The WikiLeaks founder has been given permission by the High Court in London to take his challenge against extradition to the US to another hearing. The court ruled that Assange could pursue his appeal at a full hearing unless the US provided “satisfactory assurances” on the questions of whether he was able to rely on the First Amendment of the US Constitution and whether he could be subject to the death penalty. Live updates: BREAKING: Julian Assange has been granted leave to appeal extradition to the US Having spent almost five years detained at the UK's most secure prison the publisher will continue his long detention separated from his young family for revealing war crimes #FreeAssangeNOW — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) March 26, 2024

Programmed to kill

The Grayzone   Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the worst terror attack in Moscow in two decades, and who or what could be behind it. They then cover the latest from Gaza, where famine looms as Israel finds itself in a military and political boondoggle. They also discuss Jeremy Loffredo's shocking video on the grassroots Israeli aid blockade, and Hekmat Aboukhater's undercover report exposing the anti-Syria lobby's latest push in Congress.  

Failed ICJ Case Against Russia Backfires, Paves Way for Genocide Charges Against Ukraine

by Kit Klarenberg  Part 3 - Kiev goes in for the kill   The ICJ has now effectively confirmed that the entire mainstream narrative of what happened in Crimea and Donbas over the previous decade was fraudulent. Some legal scholars have argued Ukraine’s acquittal on charges of genocide to be inevitable. Yet, many statements made by Ukrainian nationalists since Maidan unambiguously indicate such an intent. Moreover, in June 2020, a British immigration court granted asylum to Ukrainian citizens who fled the country to avoid conscription. They successfully argued that military service in Donbas would necessarily entail perpetrating and being implicated in “ acts contrary to the basic rules of human conduct ” – in other words, war crimes – against the civilian population. The Court’s ruling noted the Ukrainian military routinely engaged in “ unlawful capture and detention of civilians with no legal or military justification…motivated by the need for ‘currency’ for prisoner exchanges. ” It ad

We will never forget, never forgive what the NATO criminals did to Yugoslavia

On this day in 1999, NATO began bombing its illegal bombing campaign of Yugoslavia without permission from the UN Security Council. Between 1200-2500 civilians were killed and 5000 were wounded. During the 3 months of bombing, NATO dropped between 10-15 tonnes of depleted uranium bombs. After years of supporting right-wing nationalist forces to undermine and weaken the integrity of Yugoslavia, NATO begun its campaign to break up the socialist state. Though it claimed to be intervening to stop ethnic cleansing, the Assistant to US Secretary of Defense Strobe Talbott revealed the real reason for the war: "It was Yugoslavia's resistance to the broader trends of political and economic reform, not the plight of Kosovar Albanians, that best explains NATO's war.” NATO openly bragged about its destruction of Yugoslavia’s infrastructure, with its spokesperson Jaime Shea proudly saying in 1999 “And the fact that the lights went out in 70% of the country…we can turn the power off whe

Τυχαία γεγονότα στην τριτοκοσμική μπανανία των Βαλκανίων

failed evolution   1) Συμβαίνει το μεγαλύτερο σιδηροδρομικό δυστύχημα στην ιστορία της χώρας. 2) Γίνεται αστραπιαία επιχείρηση μοντάζ των συνομιλιών του σταθμάρχη από μηχανισμό του καθεστώτος, πριν ακόμα φτάσει στα χέρια των αρχών, προκειμένου να αποδοθεί η τραγωδία αποκλειστικά σε ανθρώπινο λάθος και να βγουν από το κάδρο οι πολιτικές ευθύνες ανώτατων κυβερνητικών αξιωματούχων. 3) Αναπαράγεται το παραποιημένο υλικό αστραπιαία από ναυαρχίδα της καθεστωτικής προπαγάνδας. 4) Τοποθετείται επικεφαλής στην επιτροπή-παρωδία πρωτοπαλίκαρο του καθεστώτος Μητσοτάκη που εργάζονταν παλιά στην ίδια αυτή ναυαρχίδα. 5) Η επιτροπή κλείνει άρον-άρον την υπόθεση αποκλείοντας ουσιώδεις μάρτυρες που είχαν προειδοποιήσει επανειλημμένα τον αρμόδιο υπουργό για τον κίνδυνο μεγάλου δυστυχήματος. Σταματάει έτσι και η όποια σε βάθος διερεύνηση για την απόπειρα συγκάλυψης του εγκλήματος.   

The Invasion of Gaza's Resources Begins: Jared Kushner, the EU, Egypt & US

Richard Medhurst   Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son in law who previously tried to steal land in the Middle East from Arabs has said that Israel should empty the Gaza strip of civilians. He said that " Gaza's waterfront property could be very valuable ". He then proceeded to suggest ethnic cleansing: " move the people out and clean it [Gaza] up " Simultaneously, the transfer of billions of dollars from the European Union (7.4b EUR), the International Monetery Fund ($8b) and the United Arab Emirates ($32b) to Egypt: an attempt to buy Sisi's silence perhaps? The United States is also shipping 1000 troops and a firm "Fogbow", owned by a former CIA officer and USMC veteran, in order to build a pier in Gaza. These events do not seem like a coincidence. Medhurst explains why this relates to theft of gas and building of a canal in Gaza.   Related: Zionist and US imperialist criminals are about to grab the natural gas off shore Gaza

John Kirakou [CONFIRMS]: US Govt Offered Julian Assange A Deal 3 Months Ago. Assange Said "Hell No"

Jamarl Thomas 

Gaddafi Spokesman Reveals TRUTH About NATO Assault On Libya!

The Jimmy Dore Show   Full interview between Jimmy Dore and former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s spokesman Moussa Ibrahim. The two discuss the NATO overthrow and assassination of the Libyan leader, what soured the West on Gaddafi, the devastation wrought on Libya by NATO and prospects for the rising of a united Africa that Gaddafi dreamed of, and much more!  Related: Gaddafi's plan for a pan-African independent power as the main reason for which the Western neocolonialists finally destroyed Libya Clinton emails - The race of the Western neo-colonialist vultures over the Libyan corpse The real reason of the war in Libya verified  WikiLeaks paper shows France & UK pioneers behind Libya breakup Clinton emails - Further proof for the French neo-colonialism The ruthless neo-colonialists of 21st century

How The Media Controls The Masses

Second Thought    

Irish Americans ABANDON BIDEN, PROTEST on St. Patrick's Day

Due Dissidence    

Who is arming Israel's genocidal war on Gaza?

Al Jazeera English   Israel's war on Gaza has relied mostly on western arms and technology to kill around 32,000 Palestinians. And despite growing opposition, those weapons keep flowing. So who is supplying Israel with the tools for genocide? And could there be legal consequences? 

The Hidden Reasons Behind the War on Gaza

Richard Medhurst   Richard Medhurst, independent journalist from the United Kingdom, presents his geopolitical analysis in this viral video exposing the hidden reasons behind the US and Israel's war on Gaza. 1. Control of the large quantities of gas in the mediterrenean sea through sanctions on Iran (withdrawal from nuclear deal), Russia (Ukraine war), and crippling Lebanon, Syria, and now Gaza's, infrastructure. Conveniently, this leaves only Israel able to extract the gas in the Leviathan gas field, necessary to deliver on its gas deal with the European Union following the outbreak of the Ukraine war. 2. Countering BRICS, China, and the New Silk Road. Shortly before the war in Gaza began, Netanyahu had announced his "plan for a New Middle East" establishing a rival trade route from India, to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and into Occupied Palestine and Europe.   Medhurst discusses Israel and the United States' plan to build the Ben Gurion

How America Destroyed the German Economy

Cyrus Janssen   The German Economy is finished. Once the economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany is now struggling for economic survival and guess which country is most responsible? The United States! Germany's economy is crashing for three main reasons: Sky High Energy Prices, Reduced Exports to China, and Increased Military Expenditures. Cyrus Janssen breaks down exactly how the US is to blame for all three problems and why the future of the German economy has never looked this bad. 

Failed ICJ Case Against Russia Backfires, Paves Way for Genocide Charges Against Ukraine

by Kit Klarenberg  Part 2 - Damning finding after damning finding   In its first judgment, the ICJ ruled the Donbas and Lugansk People’s Republics were not “ terrorist ” entities, as “ [neither] group has previously been characterized as being terrorist in nature by an organ of the United Nations ” and could not be branded such simply because Kiev labeled them so. This gravely undermined Ukraine’s allegations of Russia “ funding…terrorist groups ” in Donbas, let alone committing “ terrorist ” acts there itself. Other revelatory findings reinforced this bombshell. The ICJ held that Moscow wasn’t liable for committing or even failing to prevent terrorism, as the Kremlin had no “ reasonable grounds to suspect ” material provided by Ukraine, including details of “ accounts, bank cards and other financial instruments ” allegedly used by accused “ terrorists ” in Donbas, were used for such purposes. Moscow was also ruled to have launched investigations into “ alleged offenders ” but conclude

EU Declares Israel Deliberately Starving Gaza

Owen Jones   There's no excuses for not knowing what's happening anymore.

Remembering Rachel Corrie: American in Gaza Crushed by Israeli Bulldozer

Richard Medhurst   Richard Medhurst, independent journalist from the UK, reports on the latest from Yemen: the Houthis have expanded their blockade of Israeli and Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea to include the Indian Ocean, targeting 3 US and 2 Israeli vessels on March 15.   

US Sends 1000 Troops and CIA-Linked Company to Gaza

Richard Medhurst     Related:   Zionist and US imperialist criminals are about to grab the natural gas off shore Gaza

How the CIA oversees the Ukraine proxy war on Russia

Geopolitical Economy Report   Several reports in mainstream US media outlets show how the CIA has helped to direct the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, and played a role in causing the conflict in the first place. Ben Norton examines the evidence.   Related: Confirmed: US imperialists wanted to drag Russia into a war with Ukraine since at least 2019

Sweden closing Nordsteam investigation shocking coverup

The Grayzone   The Grayzone 's Max Blumenthal interviews Erik Andersson, a Sweden-based engineer who led the first independent investigation to the site of the Nordstream pipelines blast sites on the Swedish government's sudden closing of the investigation into the terror attack on the eve of joining NATO.   

Study Finds Media Giants New York Times, CNN, and Fox News Pushing for US War in Yemen

by Alan Macleod  Part 6 - How Propaganda Works This sort of wildly skewed coverage does not happen by accident. Rather, it is the outcome of structural and ideological factors inherent within corporate media. The New York Times is committed to Zionism as an ideology, and its writers on the Middle East are not neutral actors but protagonists in the ongoing displacement of Palestinians. The newspaper owns property in West Jerusalem that was seized from the family of writer Ghada Kharmi during the 1948 ethnic cleansing. And while many Times writers are openly supportive of the Israeli project and have family members serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, staff who speak out against the ongoing genocide are promptly shown the door. Fox News is no less complicit in the Israeli project. Its owner, Rupert Murdoch, is a major owner in Genie Energy, a company profiting from oil drilling in the illegally occupied Golan Heights region. Murdoch is famously hands-on as a boss and makes sure all o

The real reason behind TikTok ban

Glenn Greenwald /  Richard Medhurst

Zionist and US imperialist criminals are about to grab the natural gas off shore Gaza

globinfo freexchange   As the genocide against Palestinians of Gaza is about to be completed with an act of unprecedented brutality by the Zionists and butcher Netanyahu through the bombardment of about 1.4 million civilians in Rafah, it seems that they have already set their next primary goal. Which, in short, is to grab the natural gas resources off shore Gaza, together with their US imperialist buddies whose contribution to the genocide has been undoubtedly critical.     As already reported , in 2007, Hamas came to power and Israel launched an offensive on Gaza Strip, leaving behind 1,400 dead Palestinians, but taking with it the gas fields. Within a year, Israel announced the discovery of the Leviathan natural gas field, which did include Gaza's riches, valued at 453 billion dollars. But Gazans have been denied around 47 billion dollars in revenue. As for Tel Aviv, it's gunning to become a new hub. At that moment in time, that is 2022, Russian oil and gas were sanctioned.

Anti-Russia Film Wins Best Documentary Oscar!

The Jimmy Dore Show   The Academy Awards bestowed this year’s Best Documentary Oscar to “20 Days In Mariupol,” a pro-Ukraine propaganda film about the Russian military’s attack on the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. This represents the second such award following a previous win for a totally propagandistic documentary about the White Helmets in Syria.    Read also: Ukrainian trial demonstrates 2014 Maidan massacre was false flag

Failed ICJ Case Against Russia Backfires, Paves Way for Genocide Charges Against Ukraine

by Kit Klarenberg  Part 1   As January became February, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered a pair of legal body blows to Ukraine and its Western backers. First, on January 31, it ruled on a case brought by Kiev against Russia in 2017, which accused Moscow of presiding over a campaign of “terrorism” in Donbas, including the July 2014 downing of MH17. It also charged that Russia racially discriminated against Ukrainian and Tatar residents of Crimea following its reunification with Moscow. The ICJ summarily rejected most charges. Then, on February 2, the Court made a preliminary judgment in a case where Kiev accused Moscow of exploiting false claims of an ongoing genocide of Russians and Russian speakers in Donbas to justify its invasion. Ukraine further charged the Special Military Operation breached the Genocide Convention despite not itself constituting genocide. Almost unanimously, ICJ judges rejected these arguments.   Western media universally ignored or distorted th

Israel’s Descent Into Madness & the Holocaust Comparison

BreakThrough News   Rania Khalek was joined by Tarik Cyril Amar, a historian from Germany and associate professor at Koc University in Istanbul, to discuss Israel’s descent into genocidal fascism. Prof. Amar addresses whether it’s useful to make Holocaust and Nazi comparisons and the real reason behind the West’s unshakeable loyalty attitude when it comes to Israel’s barbarism.   


Lets Ask A.I   When two young American Jews witness the way Israel treats Palestinians, their thoughts become conflicted. They are raised to unconditionally love Israel, but a deepening generational divide grows over modern Jewish identity.

The Genocide Democrats: Max Blumenthal speaks at WNDC

The Grayzone   At the Woman's National Democratic Club in Washington DC on March 7, 2024, The Grayzone 's Max Blumenthal discussed the crisis within the Democratic Party as the party grassroots revolts against President Joe Biden's vehement support for Israel's rampage in the besieged Gaza Strip, where at least 30,000 have been killed to date - mostly women and children. Blumenthal points the finger at the Democratic Party establishment for crushing any and all iterations of antiwar politics, and illustrates how its most prominent figures have been bought off by the Israel lobby.  

US imperialist pigs kill Palestinians by even dropping food on them!

failed evolution   Can you realize the despicable hubris?   After continuously arming and aiding the Zionist pigs to commit genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, after voting constantly against ceasefire, the ruthless US imperialists are mocking the entire planet straight by sending "humanitarian aid" to the civilians. An aid not enough to cover the slightest portion of their needs as they now die from famine.   And it got even uglier.   The hubris reached unprecedented levels when the US imperialist pigs dropped aid from the air that killed some people directly!  Genocide Joe is finished.

Shocking CNN Report Puts Israel To Shame

Novara Media  

The Most Dangerous Thing In The Western Hemisphere

Second Thought  

Study Finds Media Giants New York Times, CNN, and Fox News Pushing for US War in Yemen

by Alan Macleod  Part 5 - A War “Nobody Wants” As al-Bukhaiti’s comments suggest, there would be a very easy way to end the blockade: get Israel to end its operations in Gaza. But only twice in 60 articles was this reality even mentioned; one noting that Omani and Qatari officials advised that “ reaching a cease-fire in Gaza would remove the Houthis’ stated impetus for the attacks, ” and once in the final sentence of an NBC News article quoting al-Bukhaiti himself saying exactly as much. However, due to the placement of the information and the fact that it came from an organization regularly described as an Iran-backed extremist terrorist group, that idea likely held little weight with readers. Instead, military solutions (i.e., bombing Yemen) were the overwhelming response offered by the corporate press in their reporting. Despite this, the media consistently presented the United States as a neutral and honest actor in the Middle East, on the verge of being “ sucked ” into another war

US sends Israel 100+ weapons shipments, most Americans oppose it - but Biden ignores them

Geopolitical Economy Report  The US government has sent Israel more than 100 arms shipments since October 7, to help it bomb Gaza. Polls show 52% of North Americans oppose these weapons sales. Biden is defying the Democratic Party's base, while allying with Trump and the Republicans. Ben Norton reviews the evidence.

The Shadowy, Intelligence-Linked Group Driving the US Towards War With Iran

"United Against Nuclear Iran does not miss an opportunity to try to bring the United States closer to a military conflict with Iran. And on the other side of the equation, they also have worked very hard to oppose efforts to de-escalate the U.S.-Iran relationship."   by Alan Macleod   Part 7 - A Lesson From History   The history of Iran has been intimately intertwined with the United States since at least 1953 when Washington orchestrated a successful coup against Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. Mosaddegh had refused U.S. demands to stamp out Communist influences in his country and had nationalized the nation’s oil. The U.S. installed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as a puppet ruler. An unpopular and authoritarian ruler, the Shah was overthrown in the Revolution of 1979. Since then, it has become a target for regime change, and its nuclear program is something of an obsession in the West. Often orchestrated by UANI officials while they were in government, the U.S. has carried

Neocon Queen Victoria Nuland Ends Her Reign: Exposing a Catastrophic Career

Glenn Greenwald    

Israel's flour massacre shocks the world

The Grayzone   The Grayzone 's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate on a crime that stood out from countless others in Gaza, and Israel's attempt to deflect blame for it.

Top German military commanders plan direct attacks on Russia

by Johannes Stern  Top German generals and the German government are discussing in concrete terms how “Taurus” cruise missiles can be delivered to Ukraine and used against Russian targets. This emerged from an approximately 30-minute conversation on February 19, which was reportedly intercepted by Russian intelligence and published over the weekend by the Russian news channel RT. The conversation involved Air Force Inspector Ingo Gerhartz, Head of Operations and Exercises in the Luftwaffe Command Frank Gräfe and two lieutenant colonels of the Bundeswehr (armed forces) Space Command named Fenske and Florstedt. According to their own statements, the military commanders met to prepare a meeting with Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (Social Democrats, SPD) and to discuss with him whether and how the Taurus can be delivered to Kiev and used against the nuclear-armed power Russia. Pistorius wanted to “ get really deep into Taurus, ” Gerhartz began the conversation. He leaves no doubt that he

Clare Daly - Militarisation and the Drive to War

Left Bloc Ireland   Clare Dalys talk at the Left Bloc Scoil Chois Claí, illustrating how the EU is already engaged in the process of Militarisation, how it plans to build a new force of 20,000 troops, and the threat this poses to Irish neutrality,  

Israel Carries Out Most Sadistic Massacre, Opens Fire On Gaza Aid Convoy

Richard Medhurst  

Oct. 7 Reports Implode: Beheaded Babies, NY Times Scandal, & More

Glenn Greenwald    

British Elites FREAK OUT Over George Galloway Election Win!

The Jimmy Dore Show   British firebrand, truth-teller and Palestinian rights supporter George Galloway has won a by-election in the Rochdale district in Manchester, and the United Kingdom elite is flipping out. Even Prime Minister Rishi Sunak felt compelled to speak out against Galloway, who announced in his victory speech, “This is for Gaza!”