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Latest Venezuelan opposition coup attempt against Maduro linked to DEA, CIA

More than 80 people miraculously avoided injury or death in a helicopter attack that targeted Venezuelan government buildings this week. The attack may have been part of an attempted coup supported by the U.S. as it seeks to topple Venezuela’s government to gain access to its massive oil reserves. Opposition efforts to topple Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government are rapidly heating up, as months upon months of opposition protests have failed to make the inroads desired by the more extremist elements of the opposition and their foreign backers, particularly the United States. With the current government still hanging on to power despite years of economic sabotage and the funneling of millions from the U.S. to right-wing Venezuelan opposition parties, those determined to see Maduro removed from power have now turned to more drastic, violent measures in order to spark a coup. On Tuesday, one of the more dramatic incidents of the most recent phas


WikiLeaks - Alert for Linux users Today, June 29th 2017, WikiLeaks publishes documents from the OutlawCountry project of the CIA that targets computers running the Linux operating system . OutlawCountry allows for the redirection of all outbound network traffic on the target computer to CIA controlled machines for ex- and infiltration purposes. The malware consists of a kernel module that creates a hidden netfilter table on a Linux target; with knowledge of the table name, an operator can create rules that take precedence over existing netfilter/iptables rules and are concealed from an user or even system administrator. The installation and persistence method of the malware is not described in detail in the document; an operator will have to rely on the available CIA exploits and backdoors to inject the kernel module into a target operating system. OutlawCountry v1.0 contains one kernel module for 64-bit CentOS/RHEL 6.x; this module will only work with d

Brazil: Temer's neoliberal labor and pension reforms explained

The latest Ipsos Institute poll released this Thursday reveals that 93 percent of Brazilians reject Temer's presidency. Friday will mark another general strike in Brazil against labor and pension reform proposed by Senate-imposed president Michel Temer. Labor reforms proposed by Temer include the elimination of payment for workers' commute from their contracts, a reduction in employer compensation for abuse and allowing employers to reduce workers' salaries while increasing their work hours. While Temer's vision of new labor laws would increase work hours, his radical proposal for pension reform would scrap the average retirement age of 54, making it mandatory that women retire at 62 and men at 65. He's also proposing a 20-year freeze on public spending. Enmeshed in a series of political corruption scandals and the general belief that his rise to the presidency was occasioned by a parliamentary coup orchestrated against democ

Venezuela: opposition protesters burn motorcyclist alive at barricade

One man was killed and another left with severe burns after opposition protesters attacked a truck driver with molotov cocktails in the state Zulia, Venezuela on Wednesday. The national director of Civil Protection, Jorge Galindo, reported Thursday that one person was killed and two bystanders were seriously injured as a result of a protest in Maracaibo. According to a victim of the attack, the trucker attempted to avoid being attacked at the barricade and collided into a motorcycle behind the vehicle, trapping the motorcyclist under the truck before protesters threw the petrol bombs. " We came across the barricade .. and those who had blocked the way began throwing stones at us to loot the truck and when we went in reverse, we hit the motorcycle, " said Jose Bravo, who was in the passenger seat of the truck. “ (The motorcyclist) lay injured on the road and then they threw Molotov bombs at us and set the truck on fire. The boy burned to dea

Guess what's the real reason of the legalization of gambling and marijuana

Richard Wolff explains perfectly the real reason behind the legalization of gambling and marijuana, which has nothing to do with some kind of shift of the states towards progressive policies. globinfo freexchange As Wolff says: Starting a few decades ago, Americans who have been told to save their money, who have been told in church that gambling was sinful, we're told that now the world has changed and you should please gamble every day, as much as possible. We call that the lottery system. On every corner, in every tobacco store, in every stationary store, in countless drug stores, people are trying to sell you scratch tickets, lottery tickets, mega millions this, mega box that. That was once thought sinful, wasteful, inappropriate. Now we're been told 'you can't win if you don't play'. And over the last few years, another unthinkable has happened. The following states have now legalized the recreational use of marijuan

Με εργαλεία της NSA φέρεται να έγινε και η νέα παγκόσμια κυβερνοεπίθεση

Χρήση εργαλείων, που πιστεύεται ότι αναπτύχθηκαν από την αμερικανική Υπηρεσία Εθνικής Ασφάλειας (NSA), φέρονται να χρησιμοποίησαν χάκερ και στην νέα παγκόσμια κυβερνοεπίθεση που βρίσκεται σε εξέλιξη. Το κακόβουλο λογισμικό Petya, που έκανε και πάλι την εμφάνισή του, κωδικοποιεί τα δεδομένα υπολογιστών και ζητά από τους χρήστες να καταθέσουν το αντίτιμο 300 δολαρίων στο ηλεκτρονικό νόμισμα bitcoin, προκειμένου να τους δώσει το κλειδί για την αποκωδικοποίηση. H εξάπλωση του κακόβουλου λογισμικού επιτυγχάνεται μέσω ενός κενού ασφαλείας (EternalBlue) στα Windows το οποίο σύμφωνα με πληροφορίες χρησιμοποιούνταν από την NSA, πριν διαρρεύσει στο ίντερνετ. Όπως εξηγεί με μήνυμά του στο Twitter o Έντουαρντ Σνόουντεν, η αμερικανική κυβέρνηση γνώριζε εδώ και πέντε χρόνια για το πρόβλημα στην ασφάλεια των Windows αλλά δεν ενημέρωσε την εταιρεία. Αξιωματούχοι της NSA, που μίλησαν υπό καθεστώς ανωνυμίας στην Washington Post, αποκάλυψαν ότι υπήρχε έντονη ανησυχία για το

Herbert Marcuse on modern totalitarianism

globinfo freexchange In chapter four of his book One-Dimensional Man, published in 1964, Herbert Marcuse gave a remarkably accurate definition of the modern totalitarianism in Western societies:               The fact that the prevailing mode of freedom is servitude, and that the prevailing mode of equality is superimposed inequality is barred from expression by the closed definition of these concepts in terms of the powers which shape the respective universe of discourse. The result is the familiar Orwellian language ("peace is war" and "war is peace," etc. ), which is by no means that of terroristic totalitarianism only. Nor is it any less Orwellian if the contradiction is not made explicit in the sentence hut is enclosed in the noun. That a political party which works for the defense and growth of capitalism is called "Socialist, " and a despotic government "democratic," and a rigged election "free" are fam

New UK govt held together by fear of a PM Jeremy Corbyn

After weeks of wrangling, Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party agreed on Monday to give Prime Minister Theresa May the votes she needs to stay in office and push through legislation ensuring that the United Kingdom exits the European Union. While the Democratic Unionist leader, Arlene Foster, spoke of the deal being “in the national interest” of the U.K. as a whole, commentators pointed to what looked like a massive concession to Northern Ireland’s local government — an additional 1 billion pounds in social welfare spending. The money, though, was probably less important to the D.U.P. than staving off what it sees as a nightmarish alternative: the specter of Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, becoming prime minister. That’s because the election campaign that just concluded, with a hung Parliament in which no single party holds a majority of seats, kicked off a remarkable surge in popularity for Corbyn. That surge, lifting Co

Exploitation of children in propaganda war against Syria continues

Part 4 - The Bitter Truth The Western and Gulf media work in lockstep with the narratives emanating from Washington on Syria. It is not coincidental that certain photos and stories of Syrian children go viral, while other more damning photos and sordid realities get no notice period. Regarding the Omran case, we now know that he was not gravely hurt as media tried to imply, that his family have gone back to their lives in Aleppo, and the exploitation and lies around Omran cannot continue. When I met them on June 6th, they showed no signs of the duress which terrorists and their backers—which include Western corporate media—claim. Instead, some neighbors were over, discussing media fabrications around Omran. However, the children who are believed to have been exploited and used in the 2013 Ghouta chemical weapons fabrications remain missing and have not gone back to their lives, nor have their families in the Latakia countryside. In March 2017, p

How Greece became a guinea pig for a cashless and controlled society

As Greece moves closer to becoming a cashless society, it is clear that the country’s attitude towards cash is reckless and dangerous. The supposed convenience of switching to a cash-free system comes with a great deal of risk, including needless overreach by the state. by Michael Nevradakis Part 4 - Cashless policies bode poorly for the future Where does all this lead though? What does a cashless economy actually mean and why are global elites pushing so fervently for it? Consider the following: in a cashless economy without coins or banknotes, every transaction is tracked. Buying and spending habits are monitored, and it is not unheard of for credit card companies to cancel an individual’s credit or to lower their credit rating based on real or perceived risks ranging from shopping at discount stores to purchasing alcoholic beverages. Indeed, this is understood to be common practice. Other players are entering the game too: in late May, Google announc

Οι νεοφιλελέδες είναι αδύνατον να κρύψουν τη χαρά τους ...

globinfo freexchange Άλλη μια φορά η υποκρισία του νεοφιλελεύθερου κατεστημένου χτύπησε κόκκινο, αυτή τη φορά με αφορμή το πρόσφατο πρόβλημα που προέκυψε με τους συμβασιούχους στους δήμους. Αφού είπε το αυτονόητο, ότι οι εργαζόμενοι πρέπει να πληρωθούν τα δεδουλευμένα, ο Κυριάκος Μητσοτάκης αναμάσησε την καραμέλα που πλασάρει τελευταία το κατεστημένο για να δικαιολογήσει τα αδικαιολόγητα: “νομιμότητα” συνοδευόμενη από μπόλικη “αλήθεια”: “ Η Κυβέρνηση πρέπει να πάψει να δίνει ψεύτικες υποσχέσεις. Και πρέπει να παρουσιάσει μια συνολική λύση η οποία να σέβεται τους εργαζόμενους και τα δικαιώματά τους, αλλά και να μην παραβιάζει τις δικαστικές αποφάσεις και το Σύνταγμα. Δυστυχώς, οι προτάσεις της Κυβέρνησης εγκυμονούν νέους νομικούς κινδύνους και τελικά δεν λύνουν το πρόβλημα. Η δική μας θέση είναι ξεκάθαρη: Πρέπει να πληρωθούν άμεσα τα δεδουλευμένα των εργαζομένων συμβασιούχων που εξαπατήθηκαν από την Κυβέρνηση. Καταθέτουμε στη Βουλή σχετική τροπολογία. Πρέπει, όμως, να

Sorry Julian Assange, but you are COMPLETELY wrong about Emmanuel Macron

... and, about Trump to some extent ... globinfo freexchange WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, wrote recently a remarkable analysis about Why the Democratic party is doomed . We could agree with most of it, except the last sentence in which Assange writes:            The Democratic base should move to start a new party since the party elite shows no signs that they will give up power. This can be done quickly and cheaply as a result of the internet and databases of peoples' political preferences. This reality is proven in practice with the rapid construction of the Macron, Sanders and Trump campaigns from nothing. The existing Democratic party may well have negative reputational capital, stimulating a Macron-style clean slate approach. Regardless, in the face of such a threat, the Democratic establishment will either concede control or, as in the case of Macron, be eliminated by the new structure. From the three cases that Assange refers to

Αλέξης Μακιαβέλι Τσίπρας

Μπορεί στο εξωτερικό να τρώει πολύ ξύλο από τους εκπροσώπους του νεοφιλελεύθερου ιερατείου, αλλά στο εσωτερικό, ο Αλέξης Μακιαβέλι Τσίπρας δείχνει ότι έχει μάθει καλά τα κόλπα των πολιτικών ελιγμών. Βέβαια, στο εξωτερικό έχει να κάνει με άλλους, αδίστακτους και πανίσχυρους Μακιαβέληδες και είναι φυσικό να φεύγει κάθε φορά μελανιασμένος από το πολύ ξύλο. Βλέπετε, στο βασίλειο των πολιτικών Μακιαβέληδων επικρατεί ο νόμος του ισχυρού, όπως ακριβώς και στο ζωικό βασίλειο. Έτσι, ενώ ο μικρός Αλέξης τρώει τα γκολ με το τσουβάλι στο εξωτερικό, στο εσωτερικό το παίζει μέγας μπαλαδόρος έχοντας για αντιπάλους κάτι Κούληδες, Φώφηδες, Σταύρους και Βασίληδες. Τελευταία λοιπόν μεγάλη ντρίπλα του Αλέξη ήταν αυτή που έκανε στη Φώφη. Και η Φώφη, αν και προερχόμενη από την πάλαι ποτέ ισχυρή Πασοκική αυτοκρατορία, που σημαίνει ότι έπρεπε να είναι λίγο περισσότερο πονηρή, έπεσε κατευθείαν στη λούμπα. Ο πονηρός Αλέξης, λοιπόν, έκανε άνοιγμα στις "προοδευτικές δυνάμεις

Alert: Trump regime tightens noose further around Whistleblowers

globinfo freexchange   It was a matter of time. CIA director Mike Pompeo has just went further from his original position. Recall that early this year, Pompeo informed United States senators he would “ aggressively seek to ensure we have the most effective programs for identifying insider threats. ” As mintpressnews expained, “ It was a pledge to pursue the same anti-leaks policies that discourage whistleblowing that President Barack Obama’s administration pursued. Since President Donald Trump has expressed his fervent support for torture, which is against the law, and a draft executive order has circulated suggesting the Trump administration will restore the CIA’s rendition, detention, and interrogation program, the prospect of Pompeo intensifying efforts to clampdown on leaks is all the more concerning. ” Pompeo came back with fresh statements, showing that he is determined to hunt fiercely the Whistleblowers movement. From Independent : CIA Director Mike Po

Assange criticizes ‘doomed’ Democratic Party for stirring Russia-Trump ‘hysteria’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says the Democratic party is “doomed,” while warning its Trump-Russia collusion narrative is a “political dead end” that is consuming all its energy. Assange took to Twitter on Sunday to list six reasons he believes the party is sabotaging itself, why. “ The Democratic establishment has vortexed the party’s narrative energy into hysteria about Russia, ” he wrote, calling the rhetoric a “ political dead end. ” “ Despite vast resources, enormous incentives and a year of investigation, Democratic senators who have seen the classified intelligence at the CIA such as Senator Feinstein (as recently as March) are forced to admit that there is no evidence of collusion, ” he wrote. The WikiLeaks founder went on to address other issues he believes are leading to the party’s demise, including the collapse of the Democratic vote over the past eight years, which he says has occurred at all levels – city, state, congressional, and pres

Exploitation of children in propaganda war against Syria continues

Part 3 - Real Poster Children Brutally Beheaded, Sniped, Starved, Maimed Effective war propaganda tugs at the heart strings, using many tactics, including adorable children in threatening situations, or dead, and comes hand in hand with condemnations for crimes committed, allegedly, by the villain(s) being caricatured. In the following instances, children being injured or murdered did occur, but the condemnations were muted or not at all. A few weeks prior to the photo of Omran Daqneesh going viral as the poster child for suffering in Syria, terrorists of the Nour al-Din al-Zenki faction beheaded a boy said to be around 12 years old. Although the decapitators filmed the entire savage act, posing for gleeful selfies as they tortured the boy prior to murdering him, leaders and media in the US took little notice of the horrific slaughter. Ten days after the questionable events which led to the light injury of Omran, two young boys in the Idlib villages of Foua and Kafra

How Greece became a guinea pig for a cashless and controlled society

As Greece moves closer to becoming a cashless society, it is clear that the country’s attitude towards cash is reckless and dangerous. The supposed convenience of switching to a cash-free system comes with a great deal of risk, including needless overreach by the state. by Michael Nevradakis Part 3 - Global powers jumping on cashless bandwagon Nevertheless, a host of other countries across Europe and worldwide have shunned Germany’s example, instead siding with the IMF and Stiglitz. India, one of the most cash-reliant countries on earth, recently eliminated 86 percent of its currency practically overnight, with the claimed goal, of course, of targeting terrorism and the “black market.” The real objective of this secretly planned measure, however, was to starve the economy of cash and to drive citizens to electronic payments by default. Iceland, a country that stands as an admirable example of standing up to the IMF-global banking cartel in terms of its response

Νέες ενδοϊμπεριαλιστικές αντιθέσεις στη Μέση Ανατολή

Στον 21ο αιώνα στα «ευρασιατικά Βαλκάνια» (Λίβανος, Παλαιστίνη, Συρία, Ιράν, Ιράκ), στην περιοχή του Κόλπου και στην ευρύτερη Μέση Ανατολή, μια περιοχή-εθνοτικό μωσαϊκό, εμπλέκονται άμεσα δύο βασικοί άξονες: Από τη μία ο ευρωατλαντικός, με διακριτά συμφέροντα κυρίως μεταξύ ΗΠΑ και Βρετανίας και με διακριτά ενεργό συμμετοχή πρωτίστως της Γαλλίας αλλά και Γερμανίας. Από την άλλη, ο άξονας Ρωσίας-Κίνας-Συρίας-Λιβάνου-Ιράν, με υπαρκτές αντιθέσεις στο εσωτερικό του. του Αλέκου Αναγνωστάκη Μέρος 4ο – Το «αραβικό ΝΑΤΟ» με στόχο το Ιράν Πίσω από τον πάντα υπολογίσιμο σιϊτισμό του Ιράν και πίσω από τον ισχυρό σουνιτισμό της Σαουδικής Αραβίας, βρίσκονται οι πραγματικές αντιθέσεις ανάμεσα στα διάφορα κέντρα του ιμπεριαλισμού. Η ίδια η εσωτερική κόντρα των Σαούντ με τους Αλ-Θάνι, που κρατά εδώ και είκοσι χρόνια, είναι η κόντρα ανάμεσα σε αναδυόμενες ιμπεριαλιστικές δυνάμεις του Ιράν και της Σαουδικής Αραβίας. Οι ενέργειες του Ριάντ, των ΗΑΕ και άλλων αποτελούν