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Don't Look Up, Just Give Up

Why the establishment really pissed off with Adam McKay's Don't Look Up   by system failure   Why a movie with some of the most famous actors would bring such an embarrassment to the establishment? Probably because it would depict establishment's multi-level ugliness using establishment's star-system "materials". That's the short answer on why Adam McKay's Don't Look Up produced, up until now, so much controversy. The presence of Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in a movie, makes it really hard for the establishment "experts" to bury it, if they don't like the deeper message it carries. So, reviews should be mixed and covertly undermine the movie, devaluing it smoothly.    The creators of the story (Adam McKay and David Sirota), wanted to highlight the incredible unwillingness of the societies to deal seriously with the now very direct threat of climate crisis. Yet, remarkably, they did much more

Confirmed: Unpopular US President Kamala Harris is the most faithful puppet of the corporate oligarchy

globinfo freexchange     A recent article published on Bloomberg exposes impressively two things:    First, that the Democrats have no intention to even slightly move from their pro-corporate positions and towards the interests of the US working class; on the contrary.   Second, the elites essentially replaced Joe Biden with Kamala Harris.    The article was re-published by various websites and the surprises already start from the title: Harris quietly taps Wall Street, tech CEOs for advice on policy . Not that it is something we didn't expect, but why a top establishment outlet admits that Harris "quietly" runs to the banking-corporate oligarchy for "instructions"?  Perhaps more surprisingly, the answer can be found within the article itself:   The corporate world has provided a familiar source of help. As California's attorney general, Harris gained a reputation for frequently partnering with technology companies — rather than prosecuting them — as

A CIA document exposed by WikiLeaks could become the blueprint for Kamala Harris to start a war with Iran

globinfo freexchange   In a recent article in his blog, Glenn Greenwald revealed some astonishing details from a 2010 WikiLeaks exposé related with some CIA PsyOps that could make people in the West approve the US invasion in Afghanistan and the presence of the US forces in the region.   As Greenwald describes:  ... it was one WikiLeaks document that particularly caught my attention at first: a classified 2010 CIA “Red Cell Memorandum,” named after the highly secretive unit created by Bush/Cheney CIA Director George Tenet in the wake of the 9/11 attack.  What made this document so fascinating, so revealing, is the CIA’s discussion of how to manipulate public opinion to ensure it remains at least tolerant if not supportive of Endless War and, specifically, the vital role President Obama played for the CIA in packaging and selling U.S. wars around the world. In this classified analysis, one learns a great deal about how the “military industrial complex,” also known as the “Blob” o