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Boris Johnson attributes UK's vaccine success to dead capitalism with a BS typical argument from the bankrupt neoliberalism

globinfo freexchange   It's almost grotesque the fact that many fans of capitalism still don't realize that capitalism is dead . And it's certainly grotesque the fact that they use the same, typical and obsolete bullshit arguments (coming straight from the bankrupt neoliberal ideology), to defend it.   It was UK's PM this time, Boris Johnson, who used such an argument to defend the already dead capitalism. An argument coming straight from the dustbin of history and from the grave of one of the most unpopular and unsuccessful PMs in UK's history: Maggie, the Iron Lady. According to a Johnson's private call with Conservative MPs that has been circulated by the mainstream media, the British PM hailed the fact that more than 28 million people have been given a first jab in the UK, saying: “ The reason we have the vaccine success is because of capitalism, because of greed my friends. ”   The response to this BS not only came almost immediately, but it also came fr