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A very dark moment in the history of Finland and Sweden as their leaders decide to join the criminal organization NATO

globinfo freexchange   A last minute agreement has been reached between Turkey, Finland and Sweden to allow the two Nordic countries to become NATO members on the eve of the military alliance’s recent summit in Madrid.   But the following picture is a disgrace for both Finland and Sweden, two of the most advanced European counties on many issues, and also highlights NATO's ridiculousness and hypocrisy. Right at the center, you can see not NATO's head, but Turkey's authoritarian leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It seems that NATO gave Erdogan what he wanted (and maybe more), and Finland and Sweden are now obliged to deliver to his regime any political opponent who would be labeled by it as "terrorist".     Now, Amineh Kakabaveh, a former peshmerga of Iranian-Kurdish origin and independent MP in Sweden that has been targeted by Erdogan, may face the possibility of an extradition to Turkey.   As Yanis Varoufakis wrote :                         A dark day for the polit

Why the US imperialists will boost their efforts to destabilize China through Xinjiang

globinfo freexchange   One of the biggest "wet dreams" of the US imperialists for decades, especially after the Communist victory in 1949, was to break-up China. Xinjiang was among Chinese territories in which the US and the Western imperialism saw an opportunity to grow internal tensions and create serious destabilization against the Asian giant. As The Grayzone revealed in March, 2020, through an extended report :   In recent years, few stories have generated as much outrage in the West as the condition of Uyghur Muslims in China. Reporting on the issue is typically represented through seemingly spontaneous leaks of information and expressions of resistance by Uyghur human rights activists struggling to be heard against a tyrannical Chinese government. True or not, nearly everything that appears in Western media accounts of China’s Uyghur Muslims is the product of a carefully conceived media campaign generated by an apparatus of right-wing, anti-communist Uyghur