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The peculiar fascism of the extreme center

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West's Ukraine summit failed: Global South rejected pro-war 'peace conference'

Geopolitical Economy Report   The vast majority of the world population, in the Global South, rebuked the West's pro-war so-called "Summit on Peace in Ukraine", which was held in Switzerland in June. Russia was not even invited. Ben Norton discusses NATO's hypocrisy and explains why only 78 countries (mostly in Europe) endorsed the "Bürgenstock declaration", while China and Brazil propose genuine peace talks. 

BOMBSHELL: IDF Had Hamas Oct 7 Blueprint. Did NOTHING

Breaking Points   Krystal and Saagar discuss bombshell reporting that Israel knew about Hamas' plan to attack weeks before October 7th. 

Hezbollah publishes drone footage claiming to show surveillance of Haifa

Al Jazeera English  Hezbollah has released a video of what it says is undetected drone footage of sensitive military sites in Israel. The group says it shows various locations including the Israeli city of Haifa and its vital civilian and military installations.

Συνασπισμός προοδευτικών δυνάμεων με ηγέτη τον Γιάνη Βαρουφάκη

... για να γλιτώσει η χώρα μια και καλή από τη Μητσοτακική λαίλαπα   failed evolution   Η διάσπαση του κεντροαριστερού χώρου καλά κρατεί, όπως ακριβώς ήθελε η ντόπια ολιγαρχία.   Ο στόχος όμως της στρατηγικής ήττας ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και η επαναφορά ΠΑΣΟΚ στη θέση της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης, απέτυχε και πάλι.  Απέτυχε και η απομάκρυνση Μητσοτάκη από την ηγεσία της ΝΔ και ύστερα από αυτό το Βατερλό στις ευρωεκλογές, οι ολιγάρχες θα πρέπει να είναι στα κάγκελα και να κάθονται σε αναμμένα κάρβουνα. Οπότε χρειάζονται νέα εναλλακτική. Επιχειρήθηκε άλλο σχέδιο, την τελευταία στιγμή και στο πόδι, με βάση το οποίο οι αποστάτες της ΝΕΑΡ θα πήγαιναν στο ΠΑΣΟΚ, έτσι ώστε το ΠΑΣΟΚ με τις έδρες τους, να έκλεβε και τη θέση της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης από τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ. Απλά, γρήγορα και εύκολα. Το σενάριο διαδόθηκε από καθεστωτικά φερέφωνα που προσπάθησαν να δημιουργήσουν το κατάλληλο κλίμα. Φαίνεται ότι, τουλάχιστον προς το παρόν, κάηκε γρήγορα. Επιχειρείται τώρα νέο σχέδιο με σύνθεση ΣΥΡΙΖΑ-ΠΑΣΟΚ και εν

Why Latin America Is Leading the Charge to Cut Ties with Israel

BreakThrough News   Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced the country will be suspending its coal exports to Israel over the genocide in Gaza. Israel gets nearly half of its coal from Colombia, and Petro emphasized it will continue to pressure Israel’s economy "until the genocide stops."    Zoe Alexandra, co-editor of Peoples Dispatch , joins the show to discuss how left-wing Latin American leaders cutting ties with Israel represents an era of unprecedented economic isolation for Israel.  

'Scandalous': G7 Nations Spend 62 Times More on Military Than Humanitarian Aid

Despite historic levels of forced displacement due to armed conflict, Group of Seven member countries have increased their military expenditures to record highs while they slash spending on humanitarian aid for people affected by wars that these powerful nations often started or stoked , an analysis published Friday revealed. According to Birmingham, England-based Islamic Relief Worldwide, military spending by G7 members Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States—which wrapped up Friday in Puglia, Italy—rose to $1.2 trillion last year, the overwhelming bulk of that amount attributable to the U.S.' $886.3 billion Pentagon budget.  That's a 7.3% increase over 2022 levels, and 62 times what those countries spent on all humanitarian aid in response to wars and disasters .  [...] It's not just the G7. According to this year's Stockholm International Peace Research Institute annual analysis, global military spending increased 6.8% to a re

BRICS Just Revealed Over $70 Billion Trade Will Not Be Made in US Dollars!

We Love Africa   Here comes another challenge to the US dollar from BRICS: over $70 billion in trade will no longer be conducted in US dollars. But does the US have any defence against these efforts? The US seems unprepared, as the new Brics agreement has caught it off guard. This agreement is also attracting attention from other nations, many of which are aiming to join BRICS. But again, does the US have no way to protect its dollar? How strong is the Brics plan that the US is simply watching its dollar face potential decline?  

Neo-feudalism: G7 supports BlackRock buying up world's infrastructure, to make rich even richer

Geopolitical Economy Report   Western governments invited billionaire BlackRock CEO Larry Fink to the G7 summit in Italy to speak about "public-private partnerships" and why oligarchs should buy up global infrastructure (to compete with China's state-led Belt and Road Initiative). Ben Norton discusses how capitalism is becoming so extremely monopolized and unequal that it is devolving into neo-feudalism.  

The peculiar fascism of the extreme center

The slide of the "extreme center" towards fascism becomes increasingly visible throughout the West   by system failure   Part 2 - Examples of the slide of the extreme center towards fascism   Just a few examples of the slide of the extreme center towards fascism are: - The financial coup orchestrated against Greece during the period of the economic crisis by some key figures of the extreme center inside and outside the country. - The construction of the theory of the two extremes, as well as a blatant historical distortion through the equation of Nazism with Communism, resulting in an outrageous revision of history. - The instigation of the 2014 coup in Ukraine by supporting the Azov Brigade, Svoboda and Right Sector Nazis. -  The unimaginable, for the "liberal" West, imposition of extreme censorship that went as far as blocking not only the major Russian TV channels (such as Russia Today ), but also the corresponding websites within the Western countries. - The blo

US-EU assets pushing color revolution in Georgia

Over 25,000 NGOs are active in Georgia, and most rely on funding from Europe and the US. A new bill aiming to reign in Western meddling has sparked furious anti-government protests explicitly encouraged by Washington. by Kit Klarenberg   Part 3 - Shaping the color revolution theater   Longtime Georgian leader and former Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze opened the floodgates for NGOs seeking a toehold in his country by allowing foreign-financed civil society organizations to operate in the country without much if any oversight. At the time a Western darling, with this act he signed his own political death warrant. As a since-deleted article on USAID’s website once noted, Western-backed NGOs went on to “ promote democratic and liberal values, ” which gravely undermined his government. “ For example, in 1999 US funding helped Georgians draw up and build support for a Freedom of Information Law, which the government adopted. That law allowed the media and NGOs to investigate gov