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The wounded US imperialist beast becomes more dangerous than ever as desperately seeks to start a WWIII

It seems that the declining Western superpower is losing ground and tries hardly to avoid the inevitable. 
The US imperialist beast, despite all the destruction that causes, is failing to fulfill its utter objectives. Which in short, are the dissolution of Russia and China, looting their vast resources, as well as the full expansion of the destructive neoliberal model throughout these areas and other countries allied with the Sino-Russian bloc.
Most importantly, the wounded beast is loosing much of its strength due to the rapid de-dollarization that has started approximately ten years ago, as dollar had become the front line of the US imperialist sweeping force since the early 70s.
As if nothing has changed, the beast insists on using the same tools to prevail in the global geopolitical field, ignoring the unprecedented changes and complexities under current circumstances. 
In a move (as it seems) of desperation, the United States House of Representatives has passed a $95bn legislative package providing security assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan ... simultaneously! 
As Al Jazeera reports [emphasis added]:

The long-awaited bill, which passed on Saturday, saw broad bipartisan support and could be signed into law as early as next week after it passes through the Senate and lands on President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature.
The foreign aid package allocates some $26.38bn for Israel, including $9.1bn for humanitarian needs. [...] However, despite allocating funds for humanitarian assistance, the bill stipulates that funding for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) is prohibited. This follows Israeli unsubstantiated accusations that the agency’s staff were involved in Hamas’s October 7 attacks. [...] The money would “translate into thousands of Palestinian casualties in the Gaza Strip” and the occupied West Bank, said Nabil Abu Rudeina, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


The bill provides $60.84bn to address the conflict in Ukraine, specifically:
    $23bn to replenish US weapons, stocks, and facilities;
    $14bn for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, a US Department of State-led funding programme that helps train Ukraine’s military and provides equipment and advisory initiatives;
    More than $11bn will fund current US military operations in the region, enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian military, and boost intelligence collaboration between Kyiv and Washington; and
    $8bn in non-military assistance, including helping Ukraine’s government pay salaries.


The bill will see $8.12bn go to the Asia Pacific, including Taiwan. Taiwanese authorities have previously highlighted delays in US weapon deliveries, such as Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.


Separately, the package includes proposals that allow the US to seize frozen Russian central bank assets to rebuild Ukraine and impose sanctions on Iran, Russia, and China, as well as provisions that the China-based owner of the popular video app TikTok sell its stake within a year or face a US ban.

In other words, the US imperialists are rushing to escalate tensions through their proxies in the three key fronts that appear to be seriously threatening their global hegemony: Iran, Russia, China.

The decline of the US imperialist empire was accelerated after the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. The destruction produced by these wars and the big lies that have been used to justify them, smashed the Western democratic facade of "humanitarian values" beyond repair. Nothing would be the same after these wars.

A remarkable sign for the decline of the empire is the fact that, after Iraq and Afghanistan, the empire wouldn't dare to get involved in another war directly through US troops on the ground. At least not openly. Empire's doctrine changed rapidly due to internal problems culminated after the 2007-08 financial meltdown, and its inability to achieve the necessary consent among the American public for more direct wars.

Despite the typical rhetoric about human rights and international law, it is impossible for the US and its Western allies to appear as the defenders of the democratic values, especially in the case of genocide against Palestinians. Nothing can justify the monstrosities committed by the Zionists when the Western leaderships (with very few exceptions) insist on looking the other way, if not funding and arming the Zionists that have become worse than the Nazis in many cases. 

Even some of the most moderate centrists/liberals in the US are furious with Biden's persistence to support Israel. And very few seem to buy the story of some liberal corporate media that genocide Joe is supposedly very angry with butcher Netanyahu.

And the UN officials are now deeply shocked by the mass graves in Gaza and the other monstrosities committed by the Zionists, while students in the US universities protest massively against the genocide and get arrested. It seems that the Western "Democratic values" have left us for good.

So now, after supporting and arming the Nazis in Ukraine to start another proxy war against the Russians this time  - after assisting butcher Netanyahu to commit genocide against Palestinians, the US and its Western allies have lost interest to sustain even the minimum of the pretexts. It doesn't matter anymore.
All they want is to stop the upcoming change of balance of power in the global geopolitical arena. Even if they have to start a WWIII, risking to put the entire planet on fire and take us all down with them.



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