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Greece: Another opposition MP claimed was offered a bribe to vote for president!

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MP Chaikalis made the revelation during a television show, saying he had a recording of the bribery attempt that he has already submitted to the prosecutor.”

According to Pavlos Chaikalis, the person who offered him money to change his position and vote for President is known in political and financial circles but is not a politician. He approached him and offered him 700.000 euros, a settlement on a loan he has with a bank and other professional contracts that would amass to 2-3 million euros. The MP has said he filed a complaint two weeks ago and has already testified and turned over an audiovisual recording he has made of the attempted bribery to prosecutor Mr. Panagiotopoulos.”

'I have just been informed. I think it is a serious allegation but I need to look into the details and assess whether it can influence developments,' said the president of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras on the attempted bribery. 'The Prime Minister has been saying for months that he has 'cushions' [meaning non coalition MPs who would support the government] and has made a slippery choice. In any case, the country needs to come up for air' he added.”

Mr. Chaikalis is MP with the right-wing Independent Greeks opposition party (ANEL). Less than a month ago, ANEL leader, Panos Kammenos claimed that governing New Democracy attempted to bribe another MP of his party in order to secure her vote for the election of a new President of the Hellenic Republic. (

Panos Kammenos gave a press conference earlier with all the details. More info soon.


According to the koutipandoras website, George Apostolopoulos appears to be the intermediate for the bribe attempt of Pavlos Chaikalis. He worked for various foreign funds and for Deutsche Bank. Shortly before the arrival of IMF in Greece, he participates in closed meetings with the then PM George Papandreou, concerning the crisis. After Greece accepted the memorandum, Apostolopoulos appears in the circle of Samaras. Samaras himself introduce him to Panos Kammenos - who was then MP with New Democracy - as the man who will make revelations about the CDS case and the involvement of Papandreou family.

Under the suggestion of Dimitris Stamatis [currently Minister of State], Apostolopoulos gave some facts to Panos Kammenos in order the "CDS scandal" to be published. Apostolopoulos agreed and testified to the prosecutor. When Panos Kammenos left New Democracy, Apostolopoulos met him several times and asked to help him in economic policy issues.

During that period, he gives some facts about the CDS case to the journalist team of the HOT DOC magazine and writes articles under the nickname "Defkalion". A year ago, between being funny and being serious, he suggests Kostas Vaxevanis, the publisher of the magazine, not to fight against the big bankers and he would make sure that his loans would be erased. After this approach, the HOT DOC team stops any contact with him.

Over the next period, Apostolopoulos announces to Panos Kammenos that he will return to New Democracy while being appointed by Piraeus bank. On early December starts to contact Pavlos Chaikalis offering him bribes, and all this process have been recorded.



  1. Big brown envelopes stuffed full cash. Greek politics in a nutshell.


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